Leave your art and doodles here


Here is Pingrek Kirby (White Mage from Patapon 3) I just can draw Kirby thing

… hehe
i make this using inkscape its vector picture just like corel draw


I just made this , Kirby Rocket Jump haha
Kirby Rocket Power (Kirby Crystal Shard : Bomb+Bomb) XD


My little sister celebrates Christmas, so I painted her this to give her tomorrow! Thank goodness I’ve had a bit of free time.


Wow Nick, that looks very good!
You have a lucky little sister.

Merry Christmass :santa:


i drew korra! :smiley:


Heres an actuall drawing i just did. its soul from soul eater


So I’m a paper and pencil gal, but I hope to get into some digital media once I get a decent laptop. Meanwhile, here’s a little bit of what I can do. I have a habit of drawing my favorite actors…

I think I’m going to draw some VGHS next


I drew this traditionally, scanned it, and did digital colors in photoshop. Any guesses on the movie??


WHAT A CUTE GROOT. Nice :slight_smile:


Silver Surfer


Haha, thank you! Much appreciated.


Dude! These are brilliant!


yes yes yes yes yes , you sir aare an official badass :tv: :fish_cake: :hearts:


The incredible hulk, right?
Awsome drawing mate! :smile:


it feels off to put mine up too, anyways im an anime fan and one of my first/favorites is code geass. here is the main character lelouch vi Britannia. :smile: . also, i mainly do Photoshop and pc editing, so this is my first drawing (also done on a computer) also, its strongly based off another picture I saw.


Here’s an old Wonder Woman I did. Traditional inks, digital colors.


Audrey Hepburn


I finally made a meme!

Not artwork so much, but it was fun


DAREDEVIL! This one took me a while. Anyone else pumped for the Netflix show this summer??


pretty cool drawings and art guys keep em coming :slight_smile: i need some inspiration