Leave your art and doodles here


heres one of Mr.Sark, one of the best youtubers ever.

He just got diagnosed with a severe case of derp-aligtitus


Phantom of the Opera scratchboard


Creature from the Black Lagoon


Made this little avatar of me in Illustrator a while back.


‘Wizard of Oz’ picture I drew for my sister’s Birthday.


So in class we are designing DVD covers. Heres mine hahaha what do you think?


The long paragraph is a little rough and the text blends into the Spartans silhouette at times. Specifically the From the producers of , suggest they are working together but ends the same sentence with … are at war.

maybe something like … From the creators of … comes a tale of …
Although once good friends, directors … now lead an army of fans in a war that will decide the fate of the internet…

Love the picture but did you try creating one with a Spartan facing off against a vghs character? The Law or Brian D would be sweet


yea, that does sound awesome, either way though, its beast :japanese_ogre: :smile:


Thanks for the feedback the font is still temp but I get what your saying its the first DVD cover I’ve ever made so I had no idea what to write on the back hahaha.

That using a VGHS character though thats a great idea didn’t think of it! DVD cover 2.0 to be released soon! hahaha


heres something i just sketched up, not much, but I like basic things that give off vibes :grinning:

… sigh, again the whites don’t show up as well, so when i blur, and doge, thing it doesn’t always show up.


i mean dodge, its when you dullen things like the sun or a light source is hitting them. I use it for blurring


2.0 is done!!! haha worked all class on it check it!


I proudly present, the finally finished work, having taken without mercy close to 20 hours out of my life, rocketjump themed and totally better than anything you have seen in the past years if you have been staring at a blank piece of paper for the past years; “The Rocketjump drawing”

And the original if you’re into blue :slight_smile:

Soon nowhere near a museum near you! :smiley_cat:


That’s pretty cool! I like it in blue better, it just kinda makes it feel more “Alive”.


Simply fantastic! Should be a shirt.


I thank you for your kind words @zacboring and @FudgePieProphet
And I thank all that show liking to my doodles :smile_cat:


Here’s a drawing I did over the Summer of the West Virginia MothMan. I went to their annual “MothMan Festival” and sold some colored prints of this guy.


That’s really super sick cool…Its amazing all the different mediums that are out there in different pencils,inks and watercolors…/plus so much more with different paper types and such… /cool stuff…


I’m terrible at drawings, but I love Chibi so I tried my hand at it. Doesn’t look terrible lol.


If I ever get a tattoo it’s going to be this.