Leave your art and doodles here


thanks a bunch! :smile:



That’s impressive dude, I really like that shading.


Thanks, It’s really one of the better things I’ve done, usually I try to stick to a sort of comic-ish style


I did this last summer for the release of Assassin’s Creed Unity. The picture I took washed it out a little, but it’s the best I have.



I present to all of you who have been patiently not waiting for this at all, a piece that I have put many an (by music accompanied) hour in, a piece that almost never saw the light of day after my cat had thrown water over it, a piece that follows in the footsteps of the only apreciable drawings I have ever done, in the fine medium of cheap blue pen on paper.
I give to you a drawing that is very much meant to be an expression of my love for the series of Video Game HighSchool that Rocketjump has so lovingly created.
I give you… THIS!

and in the by myself prefered black


And as a special treat, just for you, the negative version:


Oh hey I never saw this thread before now. I must say I’ve greatly enjoyed scrolling through all the amazing art on this thread!

This is a piece I finished a little while ago, but it’s my most recent art, since I’ve been focusing more on my career as a filmmaker than my hobby as a graphic novelist. This is an original character I’ve been working on. I hope you like it!


Zebracloak Productions
(and apparently Zebracloak Comics :sweat_smile:)


Would Photography count as art?


I actually have some sketches as well.


Photography always counts as art :smile:


“always” might be questionable XD


Haha maybe not good art…but it’s still art


I did this one in class. The lecturer gave “break the silence” as the theme.


This is a wood burning I did of Isa from Infinity Blade. Definitely the most challenging thing I’ve burned (which hasn’t been much so far…)


These are great! They are a type of art referred to as a “Zentangle” which is a method of drawing that is supposed to be relaxing and is based on creating repetitive patterns. Some who work in this style suggest rules that seem contrary to the intent of the discipline. Whatever your process, I think they look cool. And if you have fun making them, that’s what counts.


Haven’t drawn since my last post finally got some motivation heres something that is unfinished


little thingy i did for the holidays (my holiday card this year so you can considder it a card for you too)


Here are some Star Wars: TFA sketches I recently completed. Kylo Ren and Captain Phasma.

I plan to eventually draw all of the new leads


I drew King and Meliodas from the seven deadly sins anime :slight_smile: tell me what you think