Leave your art and doodles here


I have a very similar goal. Haven’t started yet, unfortunately. Those are awesome though! I’d like to do some on scratchboard.


Thank you! It’s been insanely difficult, haha. I’m really out of practice when it comes to drawing actual people


My friend drew this for me! I added the color but she did most the work! :laughing:


That’s awesome dude!


Thanks, Jasper!!! I was super cool seeing it haha


first drawing since march, motivation is very lacking lately :frowning: this is yuno gasai


My brother made this quick sketch for my new Baldur’s Gate character.

Fortunately I don’t have this many scars on me in real life, but I do have a real machete cut on my left hand :smiley:


“Quick Sketch” - jesus that must have taken ages.


He’s a graphic artist with a 5-year university degree, I like to make these kinds of smaller challenges for him to widen his skills or just to experiment, this was one of them, so this was considered quicker than his usual projects :smiley: It took him maybe a few hours after I sent him my photo and the detailed description of what I want and some references.


I made these back in 2004 (when I was 16) with MS Paint, it’s Trunks from Dragon Ball (3 Future, 1 GT).
I watched DB and DBZ growing up on the Hungarian TV and everything was the same like with any other kid who loved it, but then, out of the blue, after the episode where Future Trunks cuts Frieza into pieces, the TV suddenly stopped airing the show because many parents had complained about it being “too aggressive for a children’s cartoon”… There was no internet back then, nobody understood that this was an anime and not some Disney cartoon, and everybody was afraid of everything new and unknown… I wasn’t, so you can imagine I was pissed af, but not so to get aggressive, as the parents had suggested :smiley: I waited patiently, and in 2004 with our new and shiny ADSL internet, I watched the whole series in a few sittings in Japanese with English subtitles, these “Paintjobs” (lol) were my victory dance and a tribute to Trunks and to all those years of waiting.


Just some doodles I did awhile back.


These are really cool! I especially love the enthusiasm they convey :slight_smile:


Thank you @SzPeti42 :smile:


made a new years postcard for my friends and family.
I’ve got a digital version for you all (because I love you all too and can’t pay that much postage)

For this artwork section I always like to provide a black and white version as well


So my great uncle enlarged the postcard I sent him and coloured it in and it makes it totally different again.


Feels like some kind of tropical magical majestic bird


Here’s the next one, it should physically reach rj headquarters very soon. Just a phone picture this time (I legit forgot to scan it in, if anyone at rj could do me a solid and scan it for me when it arrives, that’d be awesome! @Lauren @JoeyScoma @DezDolly @Kevin_Senzaki @Daniel )

It’s my tribute to a show I haven’t even seen yet, dimension 404 or “D404”


That’s awesome; looking forward to seeing it in person!


I feel like you’d make a killer tattoo artist Jasp! :laughing:


I’m afraid I could not disagree more, Kevin.
I am terrible at drawing things. This piece is a series of hidden mistakes. I cannot draw worth a damn, can’t even produce a straight line.
I appreciate the compliment though :grin: