Les Temps Noirs


In our latest shortfilm we tried to recreate the FilmNoir style.
I know it is in german, but I would like some feedback just on the style and tone of the whole film.

Thanks a lot!


Strongly executed and the style comes through quite well. Twist at the end is great.
Fun little video.

I may not have understood all of it as my German is a little rusty, but there one detail at the end that doesn’t work for me too well within the story; I believe the man says he’s been waiting for Santa. However we’ve just seen him move about a lot which doesn’t seem like somebody waiting for someone. It would have been stronger to me if your main character had been waiting in the room from the start, seated at the table, reading. Then getting impatient, going to the window to see out, back to the chair. But as I said I might not have understood the whole thing so I didn’t see the importance in him being outside first.

Good luck on the next project.