and ChickyBoo


I’ve sent an email to a couple of days ago, concerning use of the ChickyBoo image in a new short, and was just wondering who takes care of this, and how long a reply may take?

Any help much appreciated!

Using VGHS content in videos
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If your video isn’t monetized and is just for fun (say, on a personal channel on YouTube), I don’t think anyone at RocketJump would take issue with it. If it’s more complicated than that, we can keep the topic open.


Nah, that’s all, just a fun video. I just love how you’re all relaxed about this sort of thing. I’m going to put a link to you guys and the Film School anyway, though.

Thanks for the help Kevin! That’s all I’ll need! :smiley:


What Kevin said, though don’t abuse the good graces :wink:


@aoshaw21 just went live literally this second :slight_smile: