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Hey guys, so I know this really doesn’t concern you in any way, but I feel like I need to talk to someone about it and I don’t really have anyone, so I figured I would reach out to the community that has brought me so much joy over the years. For the past 6 months I have been in a constant state of depression, and I was able to deal with it for the first few months, but it has become increasingly worse over the past 2. I’m not really too sure what to do, so I figured I would reach out to any of you who have struggled with the same problem and ask for suggestions as to what to do help alleviate it. It’s starting to interfere with my work and personal life, and I feel like I need to do something about it. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!


There are plenty of places to seek help, even in your area. I wouldn’t trust any advice other than that from strangers on the internet, even from a group like these people.
Google “Help with depression” for people in your area who are qualified to help you. This group may just want to make a movie of your situation, and you don’t need any more drama or a tragedy.
At the very least read this - and get help from someone. You can remain anonymous when you reach out.
If it’s causing a problem with your work and relationships then you cannot afford to do anything less than get real help. Look at it as research for a video you can make about it once you’re on the “other side” of this.
I hope this helps.


Sorry to hear you’re feeling this way vibe. I agree that getting professional help is probably your best bet for a structural solution. (And even then it probably won’t be easy)

What have you done to try to cope with it these past months?

Hang in there buddy.


I see depression as the minds emergency signal for change. Most are depressed if things are not going in the direction they want with their life and a constant struggle without much hope leads down into depression. You might need to change something for it to brighten. Unfortunately your mind or soul does not say too much about what change needs to be made. Even though given all the success in the world the spiritual needs of the soul might not have found salvation or that so much of what we do is just vanity. So if you see the depression as a signal for change rather than some weird feeling with no merit, that might change your perspective.

I tried to force myself into being good in CG but I had left music years ago. It was not good for me to live with leaving a so big part of me behind. I function much better after doing some music every day. It also helps me with the rest of the things I try to accomplish. Even thouogh I have less time for animation, in reality I got more since I waste less time fighting myself.