Lighting 101: Direction of Light - OFFICIAL DISCUSSION


It’s not just about where you point your light-- the angle of your lighting determines where the light falls, and therefore the kind of shadows it creates. These two effects together can have a huge impact on your audience.

In this video we cover:


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For those interested, the light we used was a Litepanel 1x1 Astra Soft Bicolor.




Ah, now this is the 101 topic that I’ve been hoping for. I discovered rather quickly, after finding you guys on YouTube, that lighting and it’s translation to the screen is what really got the circuits firing for me. Started seeing my favourite movies in a whole new light…:sunglasses:

Can’t wait for today’s stream. Hope to see you all there.


A fantastic stream today. People were shooting out questions that I had myself faster than I could type!

A thought occurred to me though. As we delved into shooting for dark scenes, the two movies that really jumped out at me were 28 Days Later and Alien.

In 28 days later, the act where the main protagonist is breaking into the manor and hunting the soldiers, had me at the edge of my seat, and I think that a lot of that was due in no small part to well used and timed lighting effects.

Again, I think that the last 40 minutes or so of the first Alien movie had a strikingly similar effect for the same reason, but to a larger degree.


I never realised how much lighting can affect how the audience perceives a character in film. But I do have a question? Can the same kind of lighting techniques be used in terms of background lighting as well as on subject matter?


Do these effects change when the color or intensity of the light changes? Would a soft yellow under lighting be welcoming instead of fearful? Or would that only happen if it was accompanied by other lights to balance out the unnatural angle?