Living With Roommates (Failed Comedy Sketch)


I’m gonna be honest here. I could have done better on this project, but I wanted to put it out so I can move on. I worked with a co-director on this one, and he did a great job at getting the performances that we needed out of our actors. I was there as producer, DOP, and special effects artist. I also wrote this piece and took it through post. Now you know what I did, and I expect a full ripping of a new one to happen.

I am so proud of my cast and crew on this one (really impressive performances given the material). Just need to sharpen up my skills so that I deserve to work with such talented people next time. Not fishing for compliments, btw. Just looking to improve.


Well the biggest problem I’m having with it, is that to me it isn’t funny. It doesn’t feel like it has a very good structure. There’s only a very short set-up and no real pay-off (seeing the dish baby in the bed already would have been 10 times funnier IMO). It’s also a bit hard for the audience to figure out what exactly is going on, without either seeing or being told clearly. Which is maybe another reason why it didn’t connect; it wasn’t clear.

The shot design is pretty good. I don’t really like the lighting in some of them though; the harsh windows in the begining, the overexposed woman with the book while she’s reading.

But again, I think its biggest problems are in the story/jokes and how those translated to the screen. In the end I didn’t like it because it wasn’t funny or interesting to me.
I hope that’s harsh enough for you, it’s the best I could come up with right now.


This is a good critique. Thanks, friend!