Location Scout: Freddie's Vlog! - Official Discussion


How do you choose a film location? What sort of factors need to be considered, both for story, and production? Ben and Jon talk about how they used a necessary step of pre-production, the location scout, to be prepared as possible when filming Freddie’s Vlog for RocketJump: The Show.

There are a lot of different needs, requirements and concerns a director and film crew need to keep in mind when considering a location. So who should you bring? What do you need to prepare?

We’ve compiled a general checklist to get you started in the right direction. It’s available for free to download here!

Check out the video above and see the special requirements Ben and Jon had to work within for their short, and the creative solutions they found, and apply it to your own scouts.

Watch the short and try to catch all the crazy locations in Freddie’s Vlog!

Interested in the full episode with behind the scenes? Check it out on Hulu.

Set Design and how it affects the scene



Yay for more things to put in my RJFS binder! :smiley:


Is it possible you could link to websites or apps that help you find good places to shoot at? I’m filming a post-apocalyptic movie soon and I need some good abandoned places to shoot at.


I feel like on of the best options is to just rent a car/bike/helicopter etc to go around and find the places. Sometimes you will find something that you haven’t been looking for.

For me, I’ve been scouting for post-apocalyptic places and went to a abandoned highway construction…and there was a guy on a black jeep under highway, polishing his car…I thought that this place was great for any mafia-type meeting, you know. I just felt that I need to get out of there, because there will be a lot of action there soon. :sweat_smile: Even that I knew that was just my imagination…Anyway, it was fun and I have one more nice location in my mind.

But it’s all depends on your country…in my one, everyone is don’t care about abandoned places like that(And there’s no any special «for shooting» location places like in US). In your country you can meet security or you will need a permission to shoot…so keep that in mind.


Piggy-backing off @knifebladepresents - I would really love an app that shows the best locations for shooting. I’ve tried doing research on this a few months back, and couldn’t find anything except for an app that shows you 1000+ locations where famous movies were shot.

I remember Freddie talking about location scouting a long time ago, (FreddieW days) and he was also saying that when you’re looking for a location, it’s not how good the overall location looks, it’s how good a certain part of it looks on camera. Plus, I feel like a lot of people here are small budget-ers, and we don’t have every department and each department team for our films, so that makes it easier to location scout IMO.

I think one of the biggest problems with beginner filmmakers (I was and still sometimes guilty of doing this myself) is that they don’t take the time to explore their city and really look for some good locations. That’s basically what I did when I first started to do live action filmmaking, thinking “wow this movie would be so much better if I was in Los Angeles.” But the truth is, there’s probably some locations around you that you may think are not a big deal, but when you point a camera to it and set up a shot, it becomes a whole new location. Just my thoughts anyways! :smile:


For me locations and funding is super limited so improvising and tweaking the story to fit the location works for me


Or you may write a script according to the locations you have access to.