London Brawling: Behind The Scenes


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What I absolutely love about this BTS is that we again get to see the amazing resourcefulness and simple solutions of rocketjump; with the see-through umbrella for example.
Another example I really liked is from VGHS when freddie used those cardboard legs for the sub-basement.
I can think of so much more difficult ways to do some of the things rocketjump does.
Absolutely awsome!


Thanks! A lot of detail to your posts!

If you remember my entry for the foley extra credit, I tried to aim for “as realistic as possible”. Except I didn’t–when Clint picked up his sound gun, I used the cocking of a shotgun–and I feel like it worked because it conveyed “This is a gun and he intends to use it” subliminally.

When I spar with my Dad with closed fists, I don’t here much of a sound except a muffled Smack not a THWAP. But if I watched a movie with only smacking sounds it wouldn’t sound as effective or “aggressive”


Yeah, a lot of sound exaggeration is definitely symbolic (shotgun pumping sounds are sort of universal sound-language for “this is a badass piece of equipment”).

Real punches and movie punches are very different things, both for visuals and sound. A lot of real hits that connect hard (if you watch MMA matches, etc) will frequently look like they “miss,” at least in cinematic language. You exaggerate the hit reaction visually and the sound as well. If you think about it, the way most fights in movies look is also really stylized (consider the lens and dynamic camera movement in Kingsman; that’s not how you’d typically witness a fight with your eyes), and keep in mind that sound can typically exaggerate and dramatize a level beyond what the image shows. If you look at the second half of the Bourne scene I linked above, even though it’s a “gritty” fight that uses a lot of raw production sound (a lot of the grunts, shuffling and movement seem to be production sound, with extra enhancement on the debris and impacts), there’s still super cartoony whooshes on the shaving razor (which… that makes no sense at all) and some good ol’ THWAP punches. Like the shotgun pump sound signifying a lot of things in your foley edit, the whooshes and big hits in the Bourne scene are “cinematic fight language” that help us understand what’s happening through recognizable sound vocabulary. Even though there’s a million cuts and some shaky shots, you know when people get hit, and when the dude has the razor - the sound is doing a lot to keep that clear.

I also find it easier to start by doing “too much” stylistically and scaling back (there was a cartoony “boing” when the shoes fly into frame after the guy falls and sheep-screams, but it was… too much), as opposed to starting off overly creatively conservative and then trying to improve underwhelming work.

Also, take a look at this bit from Watchmen - every hit has extra sounds layered in for dramatic effect (since it’s a big, over-the-top heroic moment). Some samples used include a parachute opening, a synthesized bass drop, a fireball whoosh, a woman screaming, and an explosion (the exact same sample I layered into the umbrella’s air blast in Kingsman, weirdly enough).


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what frame rate and shutter were you using for this (and other fight things you’ve shot if different, IE Tie Fighters etc. seems like the same rate but idk). i experimented w some different shutters the other day but was wondering. thnx


if anyone on this site can say “Math IS my strong suit- i would question why they are in film, as it seems we all suck at it” #ireallyreallysuckatit :slightly_smiling: