Lone Wolf Filmming


So I’m mostly curious if any one out either knows someone or they themselves shoot completely on their own. I’ve been struggling to meet other filmmakers in my area and when I do I feel like my portfolio doesn’t speak enough of my passion for filmmaking to get me in the door. I have tried vlogging and just going out on nature walks and doing cinematography stuff but I don’t feel like it pushes me to be what I want to be. I enjoy all the aspects of making films and I want to practice more. I was mostly wondering if anyone has already been down this road or may have tips for someone who is more interested in making narrative style stuff.

I’m trying to get in the habit of making more but sometimes I feel so lost in what I’m doing.

Any help is appreciated.


D4darius on youtube just did a video on this.


Thanks I remember seeing it in my feed but I couldnt remember the name.



It can be hard to maintain motivation and energy when shooting solo.
First of all, I’m curious as to what your goals are for shooting by yourself. Are you doing it to develop your craft, portfolio, or both? What helped me was to find meaning in what I was doing, a concrete goal that I could reach through continuing personal exercises. Once I decided I wanted to focus on developing my craft to develop a portfolio for graduate school AND be prepared to shoot a feature if that didn’t work out, there seemed to be a reason and a purpose for making films on my own that took the place of the inspirational void, so to speak, that can sometimes arise when trying to push yourself in your art and craft on your own.
If you want to do narrative stuff, try telling a story. This seems obvious. But telling a story through shorts took me about six tries before my finished projects even had the semblance of narrative. I would make shorts titled “P Eats Breakfast” and “P Goes Shopping” and would try and see if I could tell a story through filming myself doing the most basic of tasks, and editing the footage into something coherent and interesting.
Once I got past that, I had an idea of simple stuff I could make, based on what I could do with the camera and in the editing. I filmed myself “teleporting” around the living room through jump cuts and through a series of dissolves.
I also let filmmaking techniques inspire my exercises. Do you know what 3/4 shots, high-angle shots, and low-angle shots are? You get a better idea of what these shots communicate and how to use them if you film them yourself. Grab a tripod, and do exactly that. You could even try and edit the series of shots to communicate something about your subject, whatever that may be.
As a fellow lone wolf, I totally get it. Continue to shout out if you need motivation. You’ve already shown your dedication by reaching out to ask for help when you needed it.


Hey thanks for these tips. So the biggest reason I would say is that I want to practice and make a protfolio so when i do meet people I can show them what I can do on my own with a zero budget because I believe that if that was a baseline I can only go up. Also I like making films and I want to hone my skills. I also want to learn more about effects, makeup, lighting, shot comp, writing, the works. Essentialy my sort term (year or so) goal is to start my self on the path of becoming a Jay-of-all-trades (Like jack of all trades but my name is Jay so…, I thought it was clever.) Also thanks for the advice on to start it out. I also have a note book im turning into a project book for listsl and stuff cause I think having a physical list of my ideas that I can cross is going to be helpful too.


That’s a good idea. You sound like you already have ideas in the works and concrete goals. I can’t wait to see what you come up with on your course of self-study. If you’d ever feel like post anything here, I’d love to check out your stuff and provide feedback.

Cheers, and keep going.