LUCID (Short Film)


Hey guys! Here is a short film I made. Any notes would be appreciated so I can work on improving whatever those elements are next time! Enjoy!


Hey there! Some nice effects in there both special and visual (nice bit of make up in that final shot). I thought the dog was well done, especially with what kind of footage you had. The shaky handheld cam, well I don’t like it.

Where I think you could gain something in this is lighting. In the close-ups of the guy I can often not see his eyes. A small light to the face could do wonders without looking too unnatural.

Good luck on the next one.


Thank you! Yeah, the shakey footage was my main issue. I also low key forgot to turn off the built in warp stabilizer on my camera, which ironically, makes it appear more shakey :joy: And that’s a good point about the lighting. Will make sure to work on that next time. Thanks for the feedback!


I like your tracking in the shots actually. The rainbow’s cartoon-y style was jarring at first but the cartoon-y dog after helped. Good things come in three for me, so I would’ve added one more cartoon-y thing. Even the police car could’ve been cartoon-y. It made me think about the character’s origins, a kid at heart. Great final shot too. It’s a good start man. I think the flaws include the light on the subject’s face, but also in that we don’t know much about him. Some kind of trinket would’ve been good, story-wise. Really show a clever quirk of your character’s that subverts the ending. For example, maybe the reason he’s imagining cartoony things is that the subject is revealed to both be dying and a child; something that changes the initial feel of an adult with a weird imagination walking in a trippy world. I don’t know, these are my two cents. Also, great title card at the end. Good luck man! I’ll definitely post my trailer for a short and ask what yall think too! :smiley:


Thank you so much for the feedback! Will definitely keep these notes in mind for future videos