Lumix G7


Would consider myself a beginner, but have had a lot of experience with video production, obviously just self taught. Have been watching tutorials to learn how to take my skills to the next level. I have always used a camera provided by my school now that I am in college I am looking for a personal camera. I came across the Lumix g7 mirrorless camera would this be a good camera to start with or should I consider other options?


What do you want to do with it? What kind of projects?


Just basic videos with our school newspaper and with the athletic department. Maybe featurettes and highlight videos. Nothing too fancy, but I want it to look very professional.


I’m not familiar with the g7 but it looks a decent enough option for a first camera. Do mind that it has a relatively small sensor. And if you want to use it for sports something that can do a higher framerate for slow motion might come in more useful than the 4k capabilities.

That said it’s all up to how you use the camera as to how professional it looks. There’s people that make better videos with their Sony a7 for example than others do with RED dragons or such-like.

Once again in certainly no expert on this, if you think it’s the right camera for you, then do it. Of you think it’s not, then don’t.
What you could do is rent one for a day and just try it out to see if it suits you. Just go crazy with it for a day.


What camera would you recommend that has a higher framerate for sports videos?


I haven’t tried enough cameras to give any good insight on that. I recommend that you do some research, I’m sure there’s a lot to find. Articles like this might be helpful:

A classmate of mine uses a Sony a6300 which he’s very pleased with I believe. It does both 4k at a normal frame rate and 120 frames per second full HD. I don’t know if it’s in your price range, but if it is it might be worth checking out.


Actually that’s the (main) camera we used for this production: