Master Class: TOM HOLLAND - Official Discussion


Writer/Director Tom Holland reanimated the then-dead notion of the vampire in Fright Night, made audiences feel sorry for the bone-chilling serial killer Norman Bates in Psycho 2, and brought to life the cult terror that is Chucky in Child’s Play.

Dez Dolly and Joey Scoma sit down with one of the true Masters of Horror to talk about his work and process, his successes and failures, and what it means to find success within yourself.

Very Special Thanks to Tom Holland for visiting with us and donating his time and wisdom, and to Carrie Dunlap for coordinating with us and making this possible.

(p.s.: Turn on Closed Captioning to see the titles of each film shown in the video!)

Happy Halloween!!


Absolutely looking forward to more masterclasses, really enjoyed this!
Going to have to watch all of these films too!


This interview was amazing love holland and what he had to say grade A


What a kind, wise man. This was very enjoyable to watch.