Meet the Freefly TERO - Official Discussion


Freddie and Lauren want to introduce you to one of the more interesting rigs we used on RocketJump: The Show-- The Freefly TERO. Bonus: Freddie’s sick dubstep beatz.

Why are we highlighting one piece of gear? We want to introduce you to the different tools we use at RocketJump, how/why we use them, and our personal experience using them. From big budget tools to DIY rigs, we want you guys to get familiar with what’s out there. Look for more in the future!

This is the fifth installment of our series following the production of RocketJump: The Show! We’ll address different technical aspects of each production each week as new episodes come out.

Watch the Tero in action in The Good, The Fast & The Furious:

Info on this sponsorship: RocketJump owns the MoVI in this video but Freefly sent us the TERO for use during the shoot of The Good, The Fast & The Furious. We are making this video to say thanks to Freefly and because their gear has been an essential part of many of our productions.

You can check out the TERO at Freefly’s site:

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