Merchandise questions


Does anybody know if the Astros a30 head set works on Xbox 360


I don’t think it does, because the picture doesn’t show the amplifier. You can buy the ‘‘normal’’ A30 in 2 versions, one with amplifier (for consoles and pc) and one without (pc).


Ok thx I was just wondering because there really cool but I need Xbox versions

#4 Here is a direct link to A40s and you can see the 360 option


Do they sell those VGHS tags on the sides


No but you can make your own here are the gen 1s used in the show


Shot bro! I will make some based on those designs you made!! You’re awesome bro!


Ayee no you’re awesome!


I mean, you’re pretty much the Daily Dean here in the community! haha! Keep it up!


Hahaha I try I dont know if thats a thing to be proud of!


'course it is! hello! “the dean of cool”!


This is for you :3


The Daily Kev.
It has a nice ring to it.


You got the logos by any chance?


Why not "Constant Kev"
Since @Kevin_Nguyen seems to be here all the time, anyway a lot more than just daily!

And Kev , thanks for being here with us :smile:


Do they not show up for you? I will post them when I get home ok?

On the crest you might wanna try to crop the bit of white I missed


thanks bro!!! CAN’T WAIT TO WEAR EM!


@Kevin_Nguyen i’m tossing up on the A30’s and A40’s… so hard… I like the swivel cups on the 30’s but the 40’s just look mint! (awesome, another term used here in New Zealand)


I’m going A40 for the look and for the show and I’ve heard mint before :wink:


I’m with you on that. The mic placement is better by the looks of it!