Merry christmas rocketjump!


Hello, first of all Marry Christmas to all community and specially to RocketJump team. I have to really thank you all the years of entertainment you have give me, and i also will use my christmas wishes and asking please continue RocketJump films for along time! You know how to make people happy and i hope it can last for a lot more. Also another wish for me is one day i can become an actor for RocketJump and meet all of you. And for last this is the wish that will last forever and ever in the community and all people wanted and hope of it one day(fingers crossed), more VGHS! for the future, for me i would love to meet BrianD and Jenny in real life!
So RocketJump Merry Christmas to you all, you really make me happy guys thanks for all, Keep it up.


:christmas_tree: Merry Christmas :christmas_tree: