Modern Lightsaber Duel 2018 : Battle of Tenacity


I just made trailer for my short lightsaber duel. I want your reaction for it. Here it is:

The movie is now on YouTube at :

I will appreciate your review!


Really needs some sound effects and foley, there is no impact to any of the fighting, which is a bit slow to begin with. A duel needs to be intense and this was a little boring, just having intense music isn’t enough. The thing that makes lightsabers so great in starwars is the pressence they have on screen and a big part of that is the sound they make. That is what really sells a lightsaber.
This all not withstanding that the lightsaber effect you created is actually pretty good. It’s clearly fake, but it dares to be different than the classical lightsaber and with refining could be really cool.

It also didn’t really feel like a trailer in the sense that it tells a pretty chronological story, is far too long for what you’re showing and doesn’t really excite for the real video. If it was shorter, more intense and less revealing it might have worked better. It also seems like a thing that doesn’t need a trailer to begin with and I’m curious as to why you decided you needed one.


Thanks for your valuable review. Even i don’t want to make trailer for short lightsaber duel but my friends forced me to show some part of work I have been doing from weeks. So. Anyways once again thanks for reviews!


Sorry man, I’m pretty busy right now. I’ll proofread anything you come up with if you want. Good luck.


I know this is off-topic, but you’re helping people on literally like every post I see. Just something I noticed. Massive Respect man.

Also for this post, I thought the lightsaber effects were nice, but I thought they were just a bit too thick. Don’t make them too thin though next time, try and emulate what they have in the new Star Wars movies.


Thanks for your review!


I try. Thanks for noticing :green_heart:


The movie is now on YouTube at :

Thank You!


If you’ve got a language in your film that’s not your native tongue it’s usually a good idea to try to find someone to check it for you. The mission briefing was pretty incoherent/flawed.


Its english only! But I wanted deep voice for it and cannot find voiceover for it. So I made computer to speak for me.


I figured it was a computer and that is very well done. However you could have had the text proofread.


Yeah that would make it much better. Next time I will do it!