Movie Night Recomendations


Hi, I’m new to the forum. My name is Anna and I work as a graphics designer for a small ad agency. We’ve recently become dynamics ax partners and I have little time for myself considering the change. However, I always try to find a while for a good movie. Could you please recommend one for a romantic evening with a boyfriend.


Hello Anna! Welcome to the forum, I hope you’ll have a great time here with us.
If you want you can also introduce yourself in this thread that has a very self explanatory title:

As for your question, do you mean you want a romantic film? (In which case I’ll probably be of little help) or just a good/fun movie for a romantic night’s movie watching?
Personally I feel like on such an occasion it is good to just watch a good movie in a style/genre you both like rather than choosing something solely based on it being a “romantic movie”. Therefore I’d like to ask what kind of films you both like?

One recommendation I’ll give already is " the boat that rocked " which I’ve always really enjoyed


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