Need a pc screen recorder


Hey guys, I want to Starr making filmmaking tutorials and a need a pc screen recorder pls anyone with an idea should comment nd post a link. Any ideas on making tutorials is accepted too. Tnx guys


You can use OBS, which is a free software for recording and streaming from multiple sources (such as your screen, a microphone, or camera attached to your computer, etc…)

As for tips about tutorials I’d say you should look at the tutorials you watch and not what about them works for you. Then incorporate that into your own tutorials.


Tnx man. But i downloaded it nd it dosen’t record screen



One is a good free one,
Bandicam is good if you pay, its easy to use. I use this.
Ms PowerPoint also has one built in, and some chrome extensions let you record. Obs is probably the most confusing of them.