Need questions for an interview fast


Okay holy shite, I can’t contain myself. apparently THE GEORGE ROMERO IS STAYING IN A HOTEL LITERALLY 5 MINUTES FROM ME

I need questions to ask him, please help, IM NOT PREPARED.


I’m a little unclear on the situation; are you doing a scheduled, approved interview, or were you hoping to camp out and try to catch him?

If it’s the latter, just keep in mind that he’s likely there on other business, and please respect his privacy - he’s a cool dude, but he’s still a normal dude like anybody else!


Im sorry, No I’m just super excited, I asked a friend who works there to ask around a little bit, and he said he’d be willing to do a short interview.


That’s awesome!

I’d try to think of a couple short, personal questions - think about your experiences watching his films; is there anything you’d like to know about how he came up with something specific, or questions about a specific film and his intent, etc.?

Basically, he’s done a lot of interviews, and some questions come up every time - I’d avoid things about “when’s the next such-and-such coming” since that’s kind of impossible to answer for various reasons, or anything that’s too open-ended or puts him on the spot. If you’ve got a couple questions that demonstrate your passion and relationship with his work, that can help him open up with a more insightful, interesting answer - if he can see you’re a fan and have an interesting talking point, he’s much more likely to engage! I know that’s not a direct answer, but hopefully that’s something to help you brainstorm!