New idea. Meme: The Movie


Can’t give you guys a 5 star review on iTunes because I don’t use it, but it’s a great show.
I’m only up to episode #11, and I’m loving it.

The Metroid one would be great (love the Enemy Mine twist with the communication. And to solve it, she could find another dead Federation bounty Hunter in the ruins, and take their helmet. Then you get the awesome slow motion 360 shot of putting the helmet on as she goes to kick ass), and the only thing that would ruin the jar jar movie would be listening to his voice, but the plot and ending were amazing.

Will seems to love Pepe, so why not, on the heels of the block Buster that was the Emoji movie, you are tasked with the Meme movie.
Will rage face beat Ugandan knuckles to win the heart of Pepe, find out…


I listen to the podcast to and it’s amazing. Doing a meme movie is hard because it will be hard to make original and not the same as the emoji movie. But I really want them to try and it would be really funny great idea.


Have some faith.
These are the guys who named a bee “Beeatrice” and an evil dance competitor “Dance”.

They can do anything :slight_smile:


your right they would be able to do it