New To sound designing and can't describe the sound in my head


Share a post about this on my Facebook that pretty much went:

“That face when you are looking for a sound and can here in your head, but you’re 99% percent sure that you have learn sound mixing just to make that sound you here because you don’t know how search for the sound.”

Sorry it’s late and I’m frustrated all I need is a good quality shockwave/teleport/timetravel sound and I hear it in my head and can’t really find what I’m looking for. Also I’m looking through endless free sites because I have no money at the moment.

If any has advice on what I could search for or possibly what sounds I can mess with together, or even where you get your sound effects from, that would be awesome and I thank you.

It’s not like a whoosh but like a pouphvrrt


Hey! So I’d suggest looking for “zaps” for sure, and “sci-fi” in general might get some decent results. “Laser” might be worth looking for, as some heavier sci-fi weapon sounds can work pretty well. I’d also suggest looking for synthesized hits and booms, which might work well on their own or as an additional layer. “Magic” might also be worth a shot, as some spell effects can feel fairly laser-like too. If you’re not looking for something that tonal, “poof” could work. Fairly dry-feeling explosive elements (cannon shots, some more realistic explosions) etc., could also work well, possibly played in reverse.

As much as you can, try to break down what you have in your mind into a couple different elements - that might make it easier to find what you’re looking for!


Thanks for those tips. I think I ended up focusing on one sound so hard that i was searching for it to be made. I am starting to realize though that when something is that clear in my head I will probably just end up creating it so at least next time I can skip the head-banging-against-desk step of the searching for sound effects. I think I may also try looking up some of those effects at some point (since I haven’t uploaded the video just yet) but I think for now I got at least a sound to work so I can sort of see where I need to go from there.

(I feel like I should also mention that the video of this film was shot almost a year ago and the whole project kept falling to the wayside which is weirdly where my determination comes from to make this tie together decently)

Thanks for your tips I will gladly use them in the future.


It can be hard to find the “perfect” match, hence why I pretty much always suggest trying to divide what you want up into several pieces that can be assembled into the overall effect you want, either from library stuff or things you record/generate yourself.

And I feel you on the time frame you’ve been on! I have my own personal side project that I shot in January 2017. Hoping to have it out by early summer. Yeeeeeesh.


I would go on YouTube and type time travel sound royalty free or too futuristic sound royalty free you could also be creative like George Lucas for star wars had a guy hit a telephone pile with a tuner to make the laser beam sound I hope this helped.

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It’s hard to find the perfect sound as @Kevin_Senzaki already mentioned. Getting it out of your head and into real life is often the trickiest part of sound design for me.

Everyone’s mentioned valid options but what I personally do is think of things into pieces as already suggested. I generally look for those elements in my library and drop a selection of what I find and I think can be usefull into my timeline. And then I just experiment until I get something I like. It never comes out the way I intended it in the first place, but it’s usually close enough or even better.

Hope this was usefull!