New TV Shows Hype!


If anyone hasn’t watched Black Mirror yet, I highly recommend it and I’ve only watched 2 episodes. They are stand alone dramas that are Twilight Zone esc and they are amazing!


You watch the original series or just the original Netflix season 3?


Currently watching the Nextflix season 3. Wait that’s odd why did it start me at season 3? Haha


I’ve only seen Black Mirror Season 1, and it was very, very good. It was also very, very depressing. I needed like 2 weeks to recoup between episodes.


I’ve just finished the whole series haha. I think you’ll love it! Especially Season 3 Ep.2


Only season 3 was commissioned by Netflix. The first two were done in the UK and I don’t know if they are streamed through any of the usual US-available platforms.


Season 1 and 2 are actually on Netflix! I noticed the lack of British vibe in the 3rd season! :laughing:


Oh man I goofed :confused: haha


Rick and Morty season threeee! The only show in this world with an entire episode about a man who turned himself into a pickle. And this series so far has just keot the laughs coming. What a show.

And if you’re not familiar with this programme and are wondering why anyone would turn themselves into a pickle, here’s the trailer for the new series:


Just start watching it, it’s pretty good! (except s1ep8 which shouldn’t exist)


But you need the TV watching episodes for referneces later in the series. I think they’re pretty funny (and yes that means there is an intergalactic cable II), as they show the creators’ imagination go wild because, well, it can.


Oops, I meant episode 7, the weird sexist thing.
Ep8 was a bit weird but ok.


I forgot to mention previously, but a new series of the Great British Bake Off with a new judge and presenters is happening on a different channel now. Despite all the fuss, which to be honest I thought was unnecessary (because from the start they said the same production company would be making the same hour long show, but I reckon we’re quite protective of the show :smile:) it’s doing very well! The new presenters are perfect, as well as the new judge, who fits the old role of Mary Berry perfectly too.

Here’s a quick trailer!