No Anime No Life


So the fall anime season is in full swing! Whats everyone watching? I currently have eight animes that are on my list.

Fairy Tail
Sword Art Online II
Fate/stay Night
Akame ga Kill
When Supernatural Battles Become Commonplace
Akatsuki no Yona
Trinity Seven
Your Lie in April


my list is:
(finish) Future Diary
Psycho Pass
Dead Man Wonderland
Kill la Kill
and maybe Tokyo ghoul


I highly recommend Tokyo Ghoul. It’s refreshing for there to be a world with a supernatural element that the general public knows a little bit about, rather than being kept totally in the dark.
I also enjoyed the main character’s progression. It seemed realistic to me.
Fantastic OP doesn’t hurt either.


Just read what it is about and it sounds good I’ll definitely need to add it to my must watch list thanks!


The last couple months my anime lists has been:
Future Diary
Kill la Kill
Log Horizon
Sword Arc Online 2


For now i’m just watching Sword Art Online II and Log Horizon 2, everything else is VGHS/TV series :beers:


SAO II I really like it they go into a lot of story stuff in the GGO arc that I wish we had seen in SAO


Not to takes Jake’s job away from him, but is anyone else looking forward to Kung Fury this month?


Doc no worries you’re not takin my job but holy crap what is that hahab I just read the synopsis and it sounds ridiculous!


It truly is a work of art
I’ve been hanging out for it since late December last year.


Fairy Tail
Fate/Stay Night
Shingeki no Kyojin
are my favourites



I saw it a long time ago and forgot about it…

I need to go look up when exactly it comes out! Edit: they pushed back the release to early 2015, so it won’t be out for awhile :frowning: saddness insues. Anyway! Time to get back on track! kinda… “Trigun” is timeless if you have not watched it yet you should.


Sword Art Online II :smiley:
also watching nisekoi


Oh yeah. I forgot about that. The trailer a couple months back got me super hyped


Seven deadly sins is pretty good :slight_smile:


Everyone should definitely watch Tokyo Ghoul and Attack on Titan of course.


I haven’t seen Tokyo Ghoul yet but its on my to watch list but AoT was so great you seen the live action trailers? This season so far my favorites Gun Slinger Stratos, Owari no Seraph, High school DxD born, and Nisekoi


Seriously questioning why I never watched Mushi-shi before now. This show is so far up my alley it’s actually completely joined me in the dumpsters where I live with my squad of stray cats.

EDIT: That idiom got slightly out of hand. I just like the show a lot.


Am I the only person who thinks attack on Titan is a little overrated? I still think it’s good I just don’t think it’s as great as everyone hypes it up to be.


I feel that when the show first released, it was indeed over-hyped, but because there’s been no definite word on when there might be a 2nd run of the series, I think it’s popularity has died down a little.
I liked the time they took to tell the story from the manga, with multiple episodes for the various conflicts.
The hipster in me may have also just enjoyed the fact that I knew about Attack on Titan before it was made into an anime (the manga was featured on an Otaku culture show called ‘Imagine-nation’).
As a fan of the manga/anime, and someone who even owns a Scouting Legion Jacket, my personal rating for it is 4 out of 5. It’s not perfect, but it was very entertaining, and I liked how the story was written and portrayed.