Not being able to watch Rocketjump the show


I live in Australia and I can’t get Hulu because it doesn’t have the designated servers it needs, so I was just wondering what are the alternatives to watching the show without using Hulu? will it be uploaded to YouTube?


See if this page can help you!


We’ll have more info on international release soon! And the shorts will be available on our YouTube channel.


Thanks for making this available in Australia via iTunes, but I noticed the new episode (ep 3) isn’t available yet, but it is on Hulu?

Does this mean iTunes will have the episodes later than Hulu? If so, how much later? The previous two show up on iTunes with a date of Dec 2, so I would have imagined ep 3 would be released on the 9th, but it’s now the 10th and still not available.

Some clarification on the international release dates would be great! Thanks!


Any official word on this? @holland @cherish @FreddieW @Matt


Checking in on your question! Will report back when we’re back in the office.


Thanks Cherish! Appreciate it.


Hi @Jay,

They looked into it and the showrunner Ben says that it should be up now - let me know if it isn’t. Thanks for watching!


Thanks @Cherish! It’s working now. Hope to see new episodes there weekly!


No problemo! Let me know if there’s any delay with upcoming episodes and I’ll see what I can do.


I can’t watch the show at … the DNS domain is not resolving.


You seem to have your shows confused, this thread is concerning rocketjump the show, not vghs. Though of course it is an awful thing not being able to watch vghs. However those you can all view on YouTube no problem.
Should you wish to watch rocketjump the show you will have to go to hulu.
Hope you can get your fix whatever way.


I think episode 5 is out on Hulu now but not showing in iTunes?

Don’t want to be a bother, but always keen for new episodes!


I’m on it. Doing some recon!


Hey Jay!

So I talked to Ben and it says the official window should always be a day later than the Hulu release. So you should expect it on Thursdays. This week and maybe next might be the exception simply because of the holidays and people being out of the office. Keep me posted and hope you’re enjoying the show!


Thanks again Cherish! Appreciate the info.

Hope you enjoyed the holidays.


When will the show be able to be seen in Norway? Is it possible to open it for Norwegian iTunes?


cc: @FreddieW and @BrianUdovichRJ