Official Policy on "New Season of VGHS" and "Season 4" Posts


Hey all!

So we’re continuing to have a rush of new topics being posted asking about a 4th season. Since this is happening so frequently, we had to start closing these topics. While we LOVE how enthusiastic everyone is, the volume of these posts are cluttering the forum and preventing other topics from getting attention.

Here’s some quick guidelines and information:

New topics asking about a Season 4, or topics that pitch a new VGHS series, unfortunately will be have to be closed. There are too many to reply to all of them, and we want to give other topics a chance to be seen.

We cannot and do not accept ideas, treatments or pitches from outside the company.
Sorry! Them’s the (legal) rules.

RocketJump is not doing Season 4 of VGHS, Video Game University, nor any VGHS related live action series or shorts. We have explained why many times, but we ended the show the way we wanted. Keeping it to three seasons was very much intentional, and something we planned for early on. Please be respectful of that decision.

We are developing a VGHS animated series with new characters (and some cameos from old ones!)
Animation allows us to explore new kinds of characters, stories, and especially new games within the halls of VGHS. This is something we are so genuinely excited about, and we believe VGHS can come to life through animation in a much more incredible, interesting way.

We have two new big RocketJump shows already coming down the pipeline.
One is RocketJump: The Show, which will air on Hulu sometime this fall, and the shorts will air along with it on our channel. The other is still to be announced, but deals with some cool science fiction ideas and genres.

If you see new topics like this, please remain civil. If you’d like, you can link them to this post.
Refrain from any name calling or mean comments! (We know a lot of you are just as tired of seeing these posts as we are, but often new members are just very passionate.)

Last but not least, please be respectful of the VGHS creators, crew and cast when you post.
Honest critique and feedback is important to us, but asking the same question repeatedly or harassing people on social media about Season 4 makes us less inclined to respond.

Thanks everyone!

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