One Man Crew & Cast Videos


Hey Everyone!

It’s been a long time since I’ve been on this. I can’t wait to get back to talking with everyone again! I wanted to ask some advice. It’s been a little while since I have uploaded to my channel many due to not having many people around to help with videos. I was wondering is there anything I could do on my own that I could keep consistent? As long as I could do it by myself?


Hey, man.

I tend to have the same issues in making videos for my channel. If you’re needing people for filming, try to look up local acting troupes in theatre trying to go into film. There might also be clubs or groups nearby that you haven’t found yet that are into filming as well. That’s an idea to get bigger projects put together.

As for ideas you can execute on your own, you can try one man skits that could make for a good way to practice your editing and any other areas you might want to work on. You can even try wearing different costumes and portraying different characters. It’s really only limited by your imagination.

Another idea I, myself, have been tossing around in my head is trying project ideas that an be done with several people in completely different locations. Something like scenes and skits done over skypes or webchats. Or just editing in different shot scenes to come together into one cohesive story.



I’ve been struggling with the same thing. If you’re looking to do something solo, maybe you’ll gain inspiration from doing something that’s strictly location based. A lot of Youtube filmmakers have had success doing one thing really well in one location, whether it’s makeup tutorials, playing video games…Pewdie Plays isn’t exactly cinematic, but this criteria still describes more cinematic videos: This guy was actually stranded in an airport one night and filmed this entire thing with his phone. Also, where the heck is Matt.
P.S. If you decide to reach out for my people, try your local college drama departments.


Vlogs, tutorials, reviews, let’s play, movie critique, cooking show, documentary, stand up comedy … all of those can be done on your own.

One or two cameras on a tripod with a monitor or two, couple of lights, lavalier mic or boomed shotgun or condenser on a stand (if you are being stationary) and you are done.

In terms of a narative peice with you acting, directing, operating the camera(s) … thats a whole other kettle of fish.


@Jasper_Cloud Any advice based on how you and Khronos work in separate locations etc.?


I think a lot of things have been said already. What it comes down to is learning to work with the limitations that you have.
For what we do at Khronos distance isn’t really a problem. It’s harder sure, but it’s entirely possible to work with someone on the other side of the world. But you have got to work with what you’ve got. We can’t be cameramen for each other, but we can work on the same script through celtx, send files through wetransfer, direct each other if necessary through Skype, etc.
It’s a new world with new opportunities and new limitations. Work around the problems, there’s always a way to do something, it may not be perfect or elegant, but it’ll work.

People can build build million sub channels with talking to a phone camera they hold in their hand. If you want to make content there’s always things to do. Go out and practice filming the same tree for an hour, find out how to get a really nice shot and share that progress. There’s always something that can be done.


Check out … collaboration website for video work. Pretty cool and they have a decent free account.


Thanks to everyone who responded. I’m gonna try another round of tests to see what works and Hopefully find something that’ll stick. As long as I can shoot it, I believe I can have something. Thank you all again for helping me.


Do you want to shoot videos for professional use ?? I think you should learn some basic shooting techniques from


I know this is an old thread but you could clone yourself in After Effects and make cool skits. Thats what I do.