One more shuffle: Show and Tell and the new Critique Me category


Hey all,

So Daniel (who talks in third person apparently) screwed up and moved #shoot-the-breeze:show-tell over to #rocketjump-film-school. While that sort of made sense for people showing off their films for review, we have lots of other non-film stuff that goes into show and tell (like fan art).

Going forward, Show and Tell is over in Shoot the Breeze. Put whatever you want in there.

There’s now a new category, however, called #rocketjump-film-school:critique-me in the #rocketjump-film-school section which is the perfect spot to post up your film work for review and feedback. We’ll be going through there regularly and will try our best to weigh in on all the posts we see!


Great idea! glad daniel screwed up and then came up with this new category


In fairness while Daniel did do 100% of the screwing up, it was @Lauren who had the better idea :smiley:


Well put Jacob thinks this was a much needed improvement to the website, and thanks @Lauren for her idea and @Daniel for making the actually organization possible :smiley: