Ordered the VGHS Poster Bundle 2 weeks ago, still haven't recieved it


Hey RG,

My girlfriend was really sweet and order the VGHS Poster Bundle for our room because we love VGHS, and love it even more with the explosion of college eSports across the US(high school eSports will quickly follow).

She ordered with the 2-3 day shipping option to our house in Marshall, Missouri but after about 5 days we started to get impatient and I sent an email to shop@rocketjump, and was met with a 2 weeks wait time? But we paid for 2-3 day shipping, and we haven’t gotten the posters yet, we haven’t even gotten the response yet, so it seems like we just spent extra money for nothing.

I’ve been looking around the forums a lot and have seen that this problem happens sometimes and that @Danny is the guy to talk to. Hope we can get this cleared up!


Pumping this because it has been about a month and still no package, no email response, not even a response to this discussion thread despite an @. As a diehard VGHS fan since Episode 1, I’m really disappointed right now and am honestly on the fence about if I even want these posters anymore, now they would just remind me of reaching out for help and getting 0 response.

Not cool.


Man this sucks, I don’t know if everyone’s just really busy with ACD S2 or if they’re just understaffed right now in general.
I’ve sent a message to Danny through another channel, but haven’t heard back yet.

Hope it gets sorted somehow. Sorry to hear you’re having such a crappy time with it.


Don’t know if it’s still any help, and you probably received this email too, but if you didn’t:

It was recently brought to our attention that there has been a lack of response regarding contact to our [shop@rocketjump.com](javascript:handleMailto(‘mailto:shop@rocketjump.com’);return false;) account. In May we changed how we did fulfillment to our store which effected how we managed our customer service. That involved switching the functions and features of our shop@ accounts. There was an error during this time and some emails were incorrectly sorted and not seen.
We’ve been doing our best to recover from it, but wanted to send an email in case there were still any outstanding concerns that haven’t been addressed.
If you have an issue you need resolved do not reply to this thread.
Email [trisha@rocketjump.com](javascript:handleMailto(‘mailto:trisha@rocketjump.com’);return false;) with your order# and issue in the subject line. You will receive a response by the end of the week, and we’ll hopefully be able to move forward.
RocketJump has always been focused on our appreciation, and dedication, to our fans and we are sorry if anyone was negatively impacted by transitions we made in the company.
Thank you for your continued support, hope you have a great week.


Definitely give the above a try, and if not, let us know and I’ll try and get you in touch with an alternative method of contact. I know how it feels, I had an issue that took a year in total to be resolved. Hope this all helps, and keep us posted :slight_smile: