PHOTOS (share your pretty pics)


Hey there!

I noticed at least a couple of folks here practise some sweet photography and thought it’d be nice to have a thread where we can share some of our coolest pics. I’m really curious to see the choices everyone makes when photographing stuff.
Let me lay down some ground rules real quick:

  • All subjects are accepted (within community guidelines)
  • No spamming of pictures/posts. Let’s say one post/hour max and three pics per post max (so choose your prettiest photos :smiley_cat: )
  • Rule 1 you don’t talk about VGHS (couldn’t really think of more so adding one of Ki’s RA rules)
  • Tell us something about the photos you’re posting if you want to :smiley:

Thread inspired by:

What made you happy today?
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I’ll go ahead and start this of. I’m not really a photographer, but I have a dslr and if I have it with me I may take the occasional shot of something I fancy. This is actually from not too long after I got my camera (canon 1200D) and was playing around with it to figure out how everything works.


This is really beautiful! I love it! It’s a great shot!


I remember trying to take one of those shots with my nokia a few years back :smile: this is totally way better though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My Contribution from an old archive :slight_smile:

try to find the bear ^^^ [/quote]


I’ve been getting into film photography! Very fun, highly recommended though it gets expensive quickly.

The family cat, Grasshopper

“Balancing Rock”

There’s a Taxi Driver quote for this somewhere.


That’s really awesome @Alex_Machina :smiley: and true :neutral_face:

My boss cassette player / stereo

Some distant lights I tried to capture in a moving car :smile:

A little angel statue we kept under our potted “Yesterday Today and Tomorrow” tree / plant not sure :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



That moving car in the dark looks really cool and mysterious. It kind of reminds me of the prince of persia.

here’s another one from me:
It’s this old recorder/tape player I got from my grandfather


Nice that thing looks awesome I love retro tenchnology especially since a lot of the time people give it away at garage sales and it’s so well built that it still works and that’s all I can afford :smile:

This is of a boat I took for my grandfather who’s a retired sailor and used to work on a similar make

I’ll drop this one too of the state capital (in Baton Rouge, Louisiana - U.S.A.)


I try to post frames from shorts and any good pictures I see, not much but I’m trying to make it better!

Feel free to give me a follow for photography!

I tried posting some but insta won’t let me link direct to photo


Cool beans bro :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I like your stuff and a heads up if you would want to post pictures to this thread imgur might be of use :slight_smile: or tumblr but you need an acc for tumblr (not imgur though).

There was this place way out from were I live(still in the same state though) that was used as fort in one of the civil wars I believe(sorry if I’m wrong history is NOT my subject) this is a view from one of the halls


I liked how you framed that picture of the state capital against those stairs @Edward_Stryfe!
Those leading lines plus the sunlight coming from behind the tower really highlight the subject.

Photography is one of the reasons that got me into filmmaking, I owe a lot to it!
Here’s a few I took for a photo journal I did last year:


That first pic is absolute magic, I love it!

Here’s one I took (with my phone) at a foodhall in my city on it’s opening weekend. (First foodhall in the east Netherlands). It is in an old salt silo in the old dock district.


These are so great. Like wow, I’m at a loss of words! Keep up the good work! I would love to see more of you pictures!


I took this photo a little while ago, it was alright.


Dude this is awesome. 10/10 man that’s spectacular.

This thread has convinced me to go through my array of SD cards and archive all my quotable works (as well as family photos) I’m going to upload some pictures from the archives here and there but since I got my old camera working again I’m going to keep taking more pictures. So I’m just going to make torrents of the archives and share them once I get them compiled to keep things kind of clean there going to be like 10 pictures each pack instead of the usual 100+ stuff.

So once I have my acceptable wallpaper stuff I’ll start posting some more but I’m going to get back to archiving at the moment. If you are going to want to download the torrent archives PM/Message me or just reply whichever is better for ya’ll.


Thank you! Here’s a couple more for you :grin:

I’d love to see some of your pictures!


I don’t know if it’s the same for everybody else, but I can’t see your picture here. :slight_frown:


same here.

Dude that’s awesome


Thanks, indeed it wasn’t there. Phone bugged out. I fixed it now, there should be a picture.


Did you seriously take that on a phone? Geezum these phones are getting crazier all the time that’s totally amazing :smiley: