PHOTOS (share your pretty pics)


I’ve been enjoying that on Twitch too! :slight_smile:

@Pocket_titan I love that photo! Well taken.


I like to do street photography on the weekends.


I like to do street photography on the weekends


Pretty epic, that’s all I can say, they all have a cinematic feel, and look awesome. Perhaps you should try doing these on weekdays as well :smiley:

You can never go wrong with a picture of a cat, but damn. This cat reminds me of my cousins’ old cat who had orange fur like this and literally was the king of their neighborhood :smiley:


some pics I took yesterday.


Just found this topic. Lots of great photos! I want to spend a few hours looking.
The pictures of Venice reminded me of this one I took in 1998.

If I recall, Nikon 2020, resting on the railing of a bridge. I had no light meter so I guessed and bracketed. I’m pretty sure this was the 1/2 second exposure.


Glad you like the thread! There are indeed some awesome photos on here. And with this one of you there’s one more. Thank you


Thanks for the very kind words! You just made my day. Seriously. :slight_smile:


Film? I don’t recall digital camera’s in 1998. So pretty sure this is film right? :slight_smile:


That’s correct. I usually used a kodak semi-pro film, but I don’t remember the exact details. I scanned it with a Nikon Super Coolscan LS-2000, or maybe LS-1000. This particular shot then had a bit of an adventure. It was posted on a website I built (no flickr in those days!), but the hosting company shut down and I rescued a copy using one of the internet archive sites.


lol NICE. Those were the days. Taking photos with film, developing them, scanning them with a good scanner and then adding to the web. Amazed you remember the models of the scanners.


Definitely a beautiful shot you took with soul and emotion in it. Film just has something to it that I’m just now starting to realize that’s hard to put into words. Maybe its nostalgia from looking at your photo since I also grew up taking my first photos with film. Looking at the blacks contrasting with the red and green highlights from the lights. You can even see details in the buildings in the very back and it’s separation from the background night sky! So very cool!


the moon tonight was awesome! (Ignore the branches)


I’d like to share som pictures from my Colombia video, those are 4K framegrabs :slight_smile:
Locations were:

  1. Guatape, Medellin
  2. Manizales
  3. Medellin
  4. Minca


Those are crazy beautiful. Thanks for sharing!


Very beautiful pictures!


Duuuuuuuude, that Medellin photo is INSAAAAAANE! I WANT TO GO TO THERE!


Some BTS photos I grabbed during RocketJump the show! I was testing out a black and white film that I hadn’t tried before. I like these photos, but I don’t think I like the film. It’s a little muddy looking to me.

I really like the bokeh shapes in the trees, it kinda has a swirly effect. (I was shooting on an old 35mm Olympus oMG with a 50mm lens)

Ben and Ashim on their phones

Freddie thinking with Benji in the background.


These are great Lauren! The depth of field in the second photo is great! Plus, love the black and white.


Autumn leaves it’s mark…