PHOTOS (share your pretty pics)


Poor mark, why would Autumn leave him? He loved her deeply :heart:


You wouldn’t have happened to have discovered this thread yet, would you Peti?


Oh, I know about that, but that’s a Lost Ark you would not want to open :smiley:

I actually had an idea for continuing it, but it would take more time than I’m willing to spend on this kind of low-effort humour :smiley:


A sample from a client maternity shoot I did last week.


Quick Photo I took while walking with my iPhone.


Fall Sunset


Alright here are a couple of the “Freddie made me do it” / “L2Camera Noooob” photos I shot this last week. Color is garbage and I continually under-exposed ‘cause I didn’t freakin’ listen to @Lauren and @JonSalmon when they said that you can’t go based on camera LCD aaaggggggh, but it is what it is. “Hey, the histogram says this is really underexposed but it looks fine so here we GOOOOOOOOOO…”

Also…yes…I’m at the “EVERYTHING MUST HAVE NARROW DEPTH OF FIELD” portion of the “baby’s first photos” experience. Deal with it.

I took a whole bunch of pictures of people too, but I’ll let them have their privacy :wink: (P.S. taking pictures of people is really really hard…my reflexes aren’t good enough to catch the moments I want.)


Accidently moved my camera while messing with Long exposure. Turned out somewhat cool.


Long exposure is pretty sweeeeet. I’m a big fan of some lightpainting @Clint did back in the summer:


What did they use for the light? This is really cool!


Good question for @Clint. I’m not sure. Like a responsible old person, I was already in bed when this photo was taken :smiley:


Oh wow, I love the colour and the effect of the lights. It’s great that it’s seasonal too! :christmas_tree:




I just love @Kevin_Senzaki’s enthusiasm :smiley:


Took so long to get her under the tree :joy:


Christmas Kitty!


Shoot RAW so you can bump up the exposure a smidge in post. Its best to nail the exposure in camera becausebto dootherwise is lazy butbRAW gives you some wiggle room.


Yeah, that’s a great point. I did shoot RAW; don’t worry.

Just way too busy right now to be mucking around with screw-around shots I took around the house.


@Daniel, nice shot of Clint. I like the background and lighting choice. I didn’t know you guys used the A7S. Is this a new addition? I’m a fellow A7RII shooter myself.


love that metro shot