PHOTOS (share your pretty pics)


Had my friend hold up his hands and now it looks like he has a Spirit Bomb lol




Is that from the wildfire in Gatlinburg, Tennessee? Or is it Construction work? They are still pretty cool pictures though :smile:


its a control burn in the national park I live and work, Yosemite, California.

Rocket Jump is the real deal, huh! It was several years ago that I would watch Freddie and Brandon doing tutorial videos on CG, while they were making all those videos before VGHS. I saw Brandon here in the park once, I wish I would have approached him. They are pretty much the reason I’m going back to school for a degree in computer animation.

What are you aspiring to accomplish being apart of these piers of a cutting edge industry?


I’m not much of a filmmaker. I’m a photographer. But the RocketJump Film school videos really help with Setting up Lighting, Lens etc… seems like it’s hard to find a spot for Nature photography. So gonna try to get into West Virginia University to intern for National Geographic. Pretty awesome that they inspire you to go back to school! Hope that works out for you :smile:


Yay for you! Never give up.

I spent years going to school without any real excitement for it. I finally have real interest, so it makes the whole process that much more productive for me.

Good luck in WVU!


I too am a photographer above a filmmaker, but these things go hand-in-hand pretty well! :slight_smile: I still love film but with no means of creating the types of films I’d like to, I stick with photos that get the idea of what I’d like to create :wink:

If anyone cares to see more of my work you can check out my flickr here…


Lovely work! :slight_smile:


@ericvutran we’ve had an A7S for a good long time now. At the very least we’ve had it since RocketJump: The Show. How it ended up in my hands? I dunno…bad decision-making by somebody :stuck_out_tongue:

@Clint has an A7Rii himself, and I’m sure you’ll have no trouble getting him to talk about how much he loves that camera!


My homage to renaissance still life paintings.


That’s very nice cate! Love the shadows and the vibrancy of the colours


getting caught in mirrors all day shooting a commerical at a dance studio


Small cririque, hope you don’t mind, but your white balance is off especially on the first image.

Here is that image with the white balance properly set for your subject. I also applied a mask to my adjustment so it only affects the grass and your couple.

I did this on my phone do its not perfect but you can see that the skin tones are much more natural.

Keep up the good work.


I’m pretty sure no one in this community knows my secret side hobbie…yet

Here’s the reveal! I love building random things in my free time out of Lego! I know lame right? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

The opportunity for me to enter images of one of my creations in a contest has just risen and my recent purchase of my first “real” camera allowed me to take pictures that I think truly does this creation justice.

Would love to know what you guys think. Hope you guys enjoy!


Why is this a secret? :smiley: LEGO is love, LEGO is life :smiley: When I was 5 years old I decided that my first adult purchase would be a LEGO, so when I got my first full-time adult salary, I went in and spent a big portion of my salary on some :smiley:


I don’t know! It never comes up as an interest for anyone else and I always get some weird looks if I mention it to anyone in real life haha. Lego is great though!


Lego stuff is a RocketJump staple. Have no fear. You are not alone in your love of Legos fellas!


Haha, not me :smiley: This is my first work desk and collegues in LEGO format :smiley:

This was the IRL basic state when I’d got my second, more powerful PC


Awesome! What program is that? I feel like I’ve see it before.