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Windows 7 :laughing:

Oh, you mean the LEGO program? … :smiley: That’s LEGO Digital Designer. I don’t have the budget to just build anything I want IRL :smiley:



Ah that’s it! Well it’s always fun to build stuff for the heck of it. I was lucky enough to have all the pieces I needed for my build in my assortment of random Lego pieces!


Thank you for the critique! I will be sure to remember that next time!


Dude. Duuuuuuuude. That’s awesome.

@Matt we got a fellow legomaniac just fyi


I am saying this with no sarcasm at all. I love that you designed a very traditional office space. I know you can build literally anything with Legos, and I think your design with coffee cups, mail, monitors, and cubicles so darling. Add a few random colorful chotchkies and it’s MY desk!!


These snaps are from the same lake I posted earlier, taken on a friend’s iPhone 7.

Notice that what looks like a distant hill on the horizon is not what it appears, but it is a coincidentally positioned cloud!


Oh yes, there are some very specific stuff that defined my desk there, like those even minier LEGO figures on top of the computer are the miniature versions of my actual Obi-Wan - Anakin LEGO I had on display there :smiley: And that blue circle stuff was my finger trainer during my 9 month recovery from my injury. And I even managed to sneak in some Integrated Circuit, I enjoy this kind of LEGO design.


Dude, LEGO is awesome. I have some engineer friends and when you ask them what inspired them to go into engineering, they think real hard and then all say the same: LEGO. It’s always LEGO. Also, I loved the Star Wars lego games when I was a kid (still do).


We’ve been around @Trisha too long. We’re starting to use her funny words.


True story! Legos are where it all begins.


Venice is a pretty nice looking place


“Darling” is a normal word, Dan!


It’s winter! I love snow, and so does my dog.


Awesome action shot! Your pup is a beauty.


My pups are not as active as @Pocket_titan’s


The sunrise was really pretty.


So cute. What breed are they? The top one kind of looks like a Dachshund (or should I say: sausage with legs)


They are mini Dachshunds. Erde (top) is delicate and dappled, and Fafner (bottom) is a walking sausage with giant shovel paws.


I was revisiting my photos from previous fight events to submit to a profile on a local martial arts and combat sports directory website, and I thought I’d share some here too :slight_smile:

It was interesting to see the progression, there were a lot of missed moments on my earlier photos, and I could see that the lack of endurance in the earlier events really showed through towards the end of the night. As I take more pictures at more events, I became more familiar with the timing and the fighters. I can almost anticipate some fighter’s movements from having shot at their fights before, and the familiarity results in being able to take better pictures for them. A fight night is a long night and my endurance has gotten better since my first gig, but I still learn a lot on every gig.

Looking forward to shoot at the next fight event :smiley:

Event: Combat 1 (my first ever ring-side photo gig!)

Event: Capital Punishment 34

Event: Capital Punishment 35


My husband and I went up to Mount Wilson this weekend. It was drizzling down below, so the cloud cover was spectacular up above. Lots of fun. (unedited)