PHOTOS (share your pretty pics)


Very pretty photos Cate! I love that the second pic has a totally different vibe than the other two


Wowzers, how was it in person?


It was awesome!! It was nice and crisp at about 43 degrees with little patches of old snow. But the sun was shining, so we were warm. The crazy thing is that Angeles National Forrest is only 15 miles from downtown LA and 15 miles to the top of Mount Wilson. You can get to the top in about 45 minutes. We had our beautiful adventure and were home in time for dinner!


Lovely shots! :smiley:


dannnnggggg - insert creepy cabin in the woods and #paycheck


A r3d grab from a fashion video project i shot/ just got done grading in which i was going for that John Wick club look

More pix and future video later this month at

note- it appears the RJ forums add a tonnnnn of extra saturation and contrast to photo uploads for some reason (her back isnt really virus red) :slight_smile:


This is my new pet Smaug the Tiny. I’ve seen him twice since moving last week.

Brisbane (pretty much all of Australia really) has been experiencing a horrible heat wave this weekend. All the clouds have noped away.


Just a quick picture on the way to work this morning.


Went to Cuba Dupa last weekend and took some pics :slight_smile: Had a great time there too! :smiley:

Some night time stuff too:

Their goal is to make Cuba Dupa a Zero Waste event, so all the rubbish bins all around the site are covered with recycled arts, this recycled bike is my favourite out of all the ones I saw in the weekend:

Check out more photos of this event on my website:


Took those today:


The moon was very beautiful tonight. Had to snag some pics.


Oh yeah that’s right, I’ve got all these pictures from Mexico. I’d almost forget to share them. Here’s three to begin with.


It’s National Pet Day! :camera::dog2:




More Yucatán pics


:dog2: Hope Everyone has a great Easter! :rabbit:


From when I was in Switzerland a few years back


Awesome pics, definitely have Switzerland on my travel list.


The last one looks really great!