PHOTOS (share your pretty pics)


Went to the Salton Sea for a day, that place looks great in photos. Taken on a Panasonic Gh4


My friend saw a double rainbow today in Budapest and took a picture all the way!


Just got back from camping. Here is a shot of my daughter. 5d2 sigma 70-200 f2.8. Edited in Snapseed.


So I had another amazing 5 week Europe trip this year. Sooo many great photos. Here are a few:


I was trying out new ways to take pictures from a different perspective. But kinda had trouble making them less blurry.


Maybe take two pictures with the different focus points and merge them in post?


Remember that one movie where Jet Li plays the violin before beating up the bad guys.


That’s a great picture! thanks for sharing


I took this photo about a year ago now. It was from the balcony of my first apartment, and it is one of the last things I shot with my trusty Soligor 85-300mm lens. (Use a hard case for your lenses when inexperienced people are helping you load in your kit.) Apparently my father took a very similar photo of a different church when he was younger. I thought that was cool.


Damn! Those are some really nice colours!


Combination of 35mm film and digital. IG @daichisakane


Concept studio shot.

Flower petals ate attached to a white fabric with hotglue Nd the fabric was then glued to the model using vfx makeup resine.

Worked really well.

Unfortunetly cant show some of my favourite shots since they are not work safe.


I’ll allow it. :slight_smile: @EvilDaystar


Wow, awesome photos! Do you mind if I use a couple as desktop wallpapers?


Haha yes! Please feel free :))


A John Wick inspired portrait headshot of me.


Really impressive pictures! :smiley:

love your picture on ice!

the picture in the dark with the person in front of a house is really amazing

the picture with the kid at the river is so cute

your costume is so crazy! xD

Here is one of my favorite pictures I’ve taken last year.
(my boyfriend, me, his deLorean and my Hoverboard :wink: )



That’s really colourful, I like it!
Where did you got that DeLorean?


Damn, excellent colours. And you caught the light at such a perfect time. That is gorgeous. You have a website? I totally want to hire you as an on set photographer sometime.


Thank you! :smiley:
It’s the deLorean of my boyfriend. We imported it last year from california.

Thank you so much! :smiley:
My website:
That would be really awesome!
Love to make exceptional photos! :grinning: