PHOTOS (share your pretty pics)


That would be correct :smiley:


I just finished my summer job in Acadia National Park, here are some pictures from a ferry I took to the island of Frenchboro.


Believe it or not I took this picture on accident but I love it either way!


How can you take a pic on accident ? Is it like “oh no I just dropped my phone wew thks to my ninja skills I caught it before it touched the ground o I took a pic as I grabbed it wow that’s a cool pic!” ?


only possible explanation right there


I was sitting in my driveway waiting for a friend and I kind of tap my phone randomly sometimes and it just happened haha


More Welsh goodness


Damn i love this thread, some people people have taken some really amazing photos


I love the second one !


Went to the beach a week ago.


Playing with perspective couple of weeks ago in Wales. There are two of these white columns guarding the bay by Porthgain.


Just some random shots I have on my phone


@Jasper_Cloud I’m loving all the Wales photos!
@Soccerdrop1 I can’t get enough of the cat pictures either!


Here are a few pictures from an abandoned Canadian Forces base near where I live. They tore the buildings down a long time ago but left the roads and the trees. its a frequent spot for filming.

Starlight sign is not part of the base its from something being filmed there at the time.




Awesome colors ! Seriously that’s a good one !


Omg! That that made my day.


Thank you! Glad you like it!