PHOTOS (share your pretty pics)


Super pretty! Love the top shot, especially.


Thank you :slight_smile:


Absolutely GORGEOUS! I love nature



Just a random evening shot. Hoping to get a camera for my birthday😃


This is the most amazing cat picture ever! :laughing:


I’ll pass on your compliments to the model.


She wasn’t pleased:


Aw, dang it. But still this cat is awesome!


This is from Blanco River State Park in Texas, shot with a Nikon d3100 and some work in Lightroom.


@Soccerdrop1, the last pics you posted all have really sweet colors ! Keep it up !




Passion flower


Hey guys! This is a great thread and I thought I’d join the fray. I used to take photos very, very semi-professionally and most of my gigs were photographing jazz musicians.

Here’s a couple of my favorites. They were shot on 35mm on a Canon AE-1.


lovely pics cherish! thank you for sharing them with us


@Jasper_Cloud @cherish Very nice photographs :smile:


Had to crop the first one. Said it was to big. But here is a doggo in action.


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Some of our random raw pictures from the beautiful Mount Zemplén region.


That’s awesome dude. Looks delightful