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Some more shots.


Here’s the Pedernales Falls in Texas, taken with a Nikon d3100 and some work in Lightroom.


It absolutely was, the village in which we stayed was almost in the forest at one side
Here’s some more random pics:

Medieval Castle

(Not So) Wild Cat

The Quiet Life of a Small Village

Probably Delayed


I’ve come to video from still photography (8 years doing weddings, product photography, corporate events …)

Ok. So this is an older shot from August 2013, shot in downtown Ottawa > Ontario > Canada.

An aspiring model wanted to shoot a steampunk’ish set. We shot a series by the locks on the Rideau Canal. The shot was lit with a medium softbox (2 flashes mounted inside) 90 degrees from the left of frame.

Ok so this shot was done during a “second bday” shoot for a repeat client (did her maternity shoot and cake smash as well). The kid HATES posing so I suggested we take him to a park by the river and let him run wild. Shot was done on a 5D2 with a Sigma 70-200 f2.8 and natural light.

This is an older shot … my daughter at age 1 I think? 5D2, Canon 24-70 f2.8, flash mounted to the shoe and bounced off a wall to the right of frame. Funny story, right after this shot … she threw up as I took another shot. :slight_smile:


Fall is here and I’m loving it!


Quick question. I would like to take a nice landscape photo with the evening sky and mountains. But, the sky is too bright and the mountains are too dark. How can I fix that? @Lauren @cherish


Everything is better with cats! :smiley:


I think Lauren would know more but you could try a graduated ND filter, like the one we mention in our Lens Filters 101 video! It has a gradient so the sky’s exposure can be brought down while the rest of your image stays the same. I’m sure they make one for still photography.

Lauren can correct me if I’m wrong! :slight_smile:


Yep, Cherish nailed it! The graduated ND filter allows you to place a dark gradient on the top or bottom half of your image, so if you use it so it’s covering the sky, the sky won’t blow out as much, and you can expose a little brighter for the mountains


The other option is HDR (high dynamic range) photography, which everybody around here LOOOOOVES… Right guys? Guys?


love these! Great composition and color.


SO GOOD! Great job on this one.


MMM!!! WOW!! Love everything about all of these! You got an eye Jay!!


Shot on the Sony a7rii with a Veydra 35mm.


1- Graduated ND filter
2- take 2 exposures (one with the sky properly exposed but landscape dark and one with landscape well exposed but sky blown out) and merge / composite them in Photoshop or Gimp or …
3- take 3 or more bracketed shots and merge them as an hdr image … just dont go too crazy with the hdr settings.

Plenty of other options.


Couple of corporate headshots I did today at work for a charity drive (gcwcc). Donate for a print and file.

Setup a mini studio. Shot on my new/used t3i with 2 flashes off camera. One bare and one inside a medium softbox.


Integrated Circow


My Huszár (light cavalrymen) great-great grandfather rocking the handlebar stache in 1905 with his family.


some nature shots

hairy bacons!


Went hiking, tried to take cool pictures on my phone. Still waiting to get a camera haha