PHOTOS (share your pretty pics)


Made some threshold stencil images of @CFG and @Kevin_Senzaki today!

You might recognise the original images from the RJFS school photos


That’s a lot of smiles! :smiley:


That’s awesome! It actually reminds me of the graphic on Anthony’s shirt here:


It’s beautiful…


damn kev! Is that your first car that you were talking about?
Did Calhoun teach you nothing? (though that was actually about first girlfriends, being like first cars)


Haha this is indeed the first car


Honda CR-V? Solid choice! How you liking it so far?


Spot on!

Well I haven’t gotten the chance to drive it yet, I will let you know when I do though!


No kidding. Brand spanking new, eh? Congrats man! First car is huge!


Brand spanking new indeed! I know it’s a very big step for me haha


I dunno about “pretty,” but here’s @Clint Jones, everybody. He found a way to use @Matt’s Vive in his halloween costume. I’m sure Matt won’t mind at all…


Wow Kevin, get out of here, that’s some wheels you got there! (You wow me frequently lately :D) Be really-really respectful with it, I think that car is maybe 4 times more expensive than what the average yearly salary is here in Hungary :smiley:

Here in this picture you can see the pinnacle of German engineering, a true supercar that shaped the lives of many people, a real gem that I can proudly call My First Car! And on the right you can see the BMW M5 :smiley:


Ahahahahahaha the bait and switch


The ole’ Freddie Bait and Switch


This cute little critter was a great photo op.


I would totally… hang out

with that dude


Nah, not sorry


Damn it Kevin, how many times do we have to tell you there’s a thread for this kind of thing! :smile:


You and your awesome puns! It’s late now, I must geckoing. :wink:



Iguana stop, @Kevin_Nguyen I really do


You should drink your tea Rex, as you can be extinctly rude when you don’t!