PHOTOS (share your pretty pics)


Halloween is over, but we actually don’t celebrate it in Hungary, we have Farsang in February which we use for dressing up. I was always a weird kid, so this was the result :smiley: The fun thing is that I still have it and I tried it on again for a Halloween party a few years ago, and surprisingly it still could fit me somehow :smiley:


These are great photos!


Here is a bokeh shot looking up at a tree outside my parent’s house taken August 2012. I enjoy photography but can’t say I do much of it. Taken on a Canon 600D (Rebel T3i)


I am currently limited to one image per post, so here is another.

This photo was taken with my phone in Hermanus, South Africa, last November.
Hermanus is supposed to be one of 12 best whale watching locations in the world,
as they breed there during September, October and November. Unfortunately we did not see a single one.


Last photo, this was taken at Addo Elephant National Park, South Africa, on the same holiday. It was a really hot day and all the elephants came out to bathe. They were having quite a lot of fun.


So jealous at the moment! This is an amazing shot!


Cheers! I have video of this moment too, somewhere. I’ll upload and link it here when i get the time!


Please do, it’ll be great to watch it! Elephants are beautiful animals!


Great photos @BearFOXThirty and @Soccerdrop1!

Great bad puns @Kevin_Senzaki!

Well, @SzPeti42, that was the best thing I’ve seen all day :joy:


Fall colors :maple_leaf::fallen_leaf:


Happy little trees! :heart:


The trees are very happy :smiley: and the sunrise was beautiful this morning. Gave everything color, had to snag a pic.


Taken a year ago, and credit goes to @Trd101 who snapped it at the time. Not sure whether the photos do the scene justice, but it comes close :smiley:


Beautiful picture, love the scenery! :smile:


Something a little different. Not used to taking pictures of people, but practice makes perfect right?


A great start! I’m sure they’ll love them!


Here’s a friendly squirrel.


Awww, reminds me of Peapod from Bob Ross’s Joy of Painting series (to be honest, every squirrel reminds me of that :smiley: But this one in particular maybe because of the beautiful colours and the happy little tree it’s on :smiley:)

This is my “Shelves of Geekness” which is not pretty in a photographical sense. but pretty in a geeky way because it contains stuff that are important to me now or was in my life at some point :slight_smile: How many can you recognize? :smiley: If you have something like this, please do share, I would love to see what memories, toys, books, stuff you made, stuff your friends/family made for you do you keep in your room from your life. Or you can ask me what’s the significance of any particular item.

The newest addition to this is actually the board game I won from RocketJump a lot of Twitch streams ago, it has some awesome signatures from the whole team from Freddie to Anthony, and including Darnell and Holland, whom I miss very much.


I found a cat. I took a picture of it.
Canon 600d + 50mm f1.8 II


And you did well. So majestic.