Piecing It Together (The Post "Post Mortem") - Official Discussion


Watching, logging, choosing, assembling, crafting, cutting, rebuilding, and re-cutting thousands of hours of footage into a story is not an easy feat. We talk to Ben Waller, Erin Willetts, Dom Rolandelli, Nathan Koepp and Ashim Ahuja about the long post process for RocketJump: The Show.

This is the twelfth and final installment of our series following the production of RocketJump: The Show! We addressed different technical aspects of each production each week as new episodes came out. You can watch all of them as a playlist here!

Thanks so much for watching our show. We hope we gave you a glimpse into how (and why) RocketJump loves making movies.

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Can you talk about sub clipping? In the video it’s mentioned and it sounds like something that would be very useful to me on a project I’m working on right now but I don’t really know how you could do that.


Hey there,

So what I’ve done for subclipping is I’d actually alter and rename each individual film clip with certain keywords.

For example say the clip name is called: 109A5403.MOV
I’d rename it something like 109A5403_Matt_Happy_tipjar.MOV

So that way if i search for any of those words… only those clips will show up. Underscores are important, not sure why, I think it’s just easier to read file names that way. That’s just another strategy to quickly navigate through footage also keep in mind it takes a long time to do. Hope that helps.


Speaking of elaborating on stuff from the post mortem. Ashim mentioned that they feel the editing process would have been better if they had a transcriber. Could someone go into more detail about what a transcriber does and how they would help with the documentary editing process


Yet to get stuck into the Hulu show but can’t wait, just know it’s gonna be good. Do you guys usually begin each project with a template that has a set file system? Or do you use Post Haste or some other program to lay it out for you, or something else?

Also I would love for you to explain what the communication process was usually like - asides from being reduced to grunts and animal noises when tired :D. So you had the 3 of you in the room constantly editing, and who else would come in to discuss, order or help you? Cheers!


@JoeyScoma you are hilarious dude, love whenever you’re on screen


@JoeyScoma Just watched the “PRO TIP: Organize Your Project” video and that helped. Thanks!


Hey, Sorry for the late reply… I asked the same question to them myself and they answered that a transcriber literally writes out whatever is said in the footage (all of the footage) From that they can construct a script with what is said and then edit to that… instead of searching for hours for someone to say “today was a tough day.”


Thanks I’m glad it helped… stayed tuned this Thursday I’m dropping another editing video on the world!


Hi! What is your workflow when it comes to editing double system? Do you sync everything or just the good takes? And after syncing, what is the next step? Thanks!