PlayFight VFX Time: VGHS HIT EFFECT! Official Discussion


Welcome to our first (of many) VFX tutorials and partnership with PlayfightVFX! Here, Josh and Brian explain how they did the hit effect as seen in VGHS’ Field of Fire sequences.

This tutorial is an INTERMEDIATE level effect (Brian says that’s about “three out of five Freddie’s.”) As we go forward with more tutorials, we’ll covering both beginner basics and advanced techniques.

Did you try out this effect? POST IT HERE! We’d love to see it!!!


I vote for making the difficulty scale across the platform use “# out of 5 Freddies”.


I’m five minutes in, and I don’t understand ANYTHING what he’s talking about. I think this would be great advice if I actually had Adobe After Effects, but he’s mentioning all sorts of terms that I don’t understand…


Someone share the cost of the student program with me so I can do this! :laughing:


This lesson is definitely for those who have a base knowledge of After Effects. We will have a lot more tutorials geared toward beginners moving forward.


I’m going to try replicating this in Hitfilm, if I can I may make a tutorial. I know it’s possible. :slight_smile:


Can’t wait for more tutorials from Play Fight VFX :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The only thing i had difficulty with was that i dont have the Optical flares pack from Video Co Pilot!


MFlares from MotionVFX could also get the job done. Don’t know which is more expensive, FYI.

Will probably try this effect out later.


This was interesting, if somewhat confusing to watch. I mean, there were words in there I definitely understood - like “effects” and “play”. Those words I totally nailed, my self-esteem was at an all time high. But other words were long, hard and difficult. Wink.

I’d love to have a few VFX tutorials for the beginner, just so I can wrap my head around a few of the lesser-known phrases and terms.


Great tutorial, learned a lot with this about basic stuff. Like Mocha tracking, greenkey usage, flares and adding effects like the lens flare and smoke effect.

Here’s my end-result in downtown Stockholm :slight_smile:

Can’t wait for more tutorials, etc. maybe about camera movement and in 3D space?


Thanks for a great tutorial guys!
I jumped in front of my homemade green screen and had a shot:

What do you think?



I gave it a shot.

Youtube Link


I didn’t have the plugins so I tried to work around it with gradients and the glow tool.


Took the effect and make it into a sketch with me and my friend. I didn’t have all the plugins that were used so had to improvise some stuff.


I’m fairly proud of my attempt even without all the plugins :slight_smile: (I have optical flares)