Please tell me someone else has seen Turbo Kid


Just caught it on Netflix today…I loved it! It was gory, hilarious, and very heartwarming. While I thought some of the character development could’ve been stronger, there’s no one that I hated (I LOVED Apple!). I loved the gore, but I did find some of the fighting scenes lackluster (like…bad guys just stand around and while their allies get slaughtered…why not just dogpile the good guy?!). The film obviously had a limited budget (I think somewhat over 50,000, part of it was crowdfunded).

It kind of has a Kung Fury/Zombieland/ Kick-Ass vibe. Fun, over-the-top action. Really reminded me of a lot of Rocket Jump’s stuff.

Also, does blood really squirt out like that in real life?


I’ve wanted to see it for ages. Didn’t know it was on netflix, I’ll check it out soon!

Oh no! It turns out it’s not on Netflix in the Netherlands! :expressionless: