Post Season 3 Discussion (Spoilers)


Fist off I want to say to the Rocketjump team:
Just finished the whole season and… wow! Well done guys! You have taken me on a journey that I will not soon forget and I am so happy to have been a part of it. This world you created here is unbelievable and I could not think of a better group of people to tell this story. My donations were money well spent. Thanks for VGHS and best of luck on your future projects!
Also glad to see you name the episodes (I was the under-qualified fan that named your other ones on IMDB) :>

I also thought it might be nice to have a discussion board for the entire show, for those of us that have seen all the episodes already. Just fair warning for everyone who has not seen it all; there may be SPOLIERS ahead.

For me I had a hard time letting go of my feels for season 1 when 2 came out. It was good, the production value was better but it couldn’t make me feel the way I felt for the entire first season. (I mean I’ve probably watched it 20 times)
But 3 just blew me away, plus everything gets tied back in and it feels very well rounded. Also all 3 seasons only cover one year at VGHS correct? 1 was try-outs, 2 was pre-season scrims and 3 was playoffs?
Anyways, enough from me. Discuss!

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VGHS is the best thing ever!

Yeah, I think it was just the one year, as Jenny was still a sophomore all the way through.


But yeah, that ending totally gave me the mega-feels. Typical that a show about gaming would be the one that actually does nail the whole first love at high school story. Everyone probably has that Jenny Matrix in their lives at some point.


it was a great season episode 4 with all the feelings… but I think it was an amazing season and glad that I could help and be apart of this Nathan as the New Law was pretty funny I wish the show would continue so we could see the adventure him and The Law go on


Yes, the entire 3 seasons of VGHS take place over one school year. Season 1 covers the first (or first two) weeks of school. Season 2 gets us half way through the school year, and season 3 is the end of the school year.


Thought Season 3 was great. The finale episode was just epic. It was sad to see Brian and Jenny have to separate. My favorite part of the season was when the Barnstormers were talking to Calhoun and Calhoun just says, “f#ck”.


I don’t know because the ending really blew it for me. I felt like i’m left not knowing if Jenny and Brian still communicate. Thats cool that Brian Ki and Ted are still going strong, but i wish there was something that showed if they keep in touch (the sappy romantic in me needs to know). Otherwise great season and a great way to end the series. My favorite part was when Brian had to get the Law. "Get in the car Brain…I came in a bike…I said Get in the car Brain!!!


Episode 3 Really tugged at my heart man I was like a mix of reality and fiction I just felt so real maybe it was the fact that it was outside the school or maybe it was seeing another side to all the characters. It was defiantely however something never seen before in VGHS and I like it.

Ep: 3 and Ep: 5 have to be my favorites! :stuck_out_tongue:


I agree I would like to know what happens after between Jenny and Brain. Perhaps when the animated series when/if they is released they will let us know.


Spoiler me and Jake are in the credits :wink:


wow kev we are on the same row within such a close range haha that is pretty funny


Heck yeah column buddies! high fives


Also Brian’s face when Law tells him to wait in the car




Yeah it was kind of left wide open, but they have been through so much throughout this series; I think that stands as a testament to their relationship. I have a feeling they are still close even if they aren’t together, and really that’s good enough for me.


Ha that was good, I think my favorite Calhoun moment was when he totally goes Rambo on dudes during the final battle. That was just such a solid moment for his character. And then Jumpin’ Jacks with the Platoon scene right after. They really managed to add a lot of fun film styles this time around too, like the Noir mystery in episode 2.


Agreed, I would like to see some explanation or hinting in the animated version in the future but if they never address it and leave it open to our own opinions I can live with that too. Also I love that Calhoun has never graduated and is basically Class President indefinitely for all classes haha


my fingers are crossed


Episode four struck a real cord with me, I recently lost both my parents and it’s the most acurate depiction of losing a parent I’ve ever seen. The finale was super bittersweet and I’m actually really blown away that they went with such a hard to swallow ending, it’s so gritty and real. It really makes me sad that it’s all coming to an end. VGHS always feels like I’m sitting down to spend time with family. It’s so close to my heart.


I have to admit I kind of wish they did more with Law’s story this season. I know we saw into his emotional side last year but I don’t think there was enough of him or a very compelling ending for his character this time. Maybe because he’s going to be a major character in the animated series? Despite him being an antagonist for most of the story, I still see him as one of my favorite characters. I just relish the moments when he came on screen, pure gold.


Yeah that episode was pretty epic for everyone. When they first showed it at the screenings people knew it was gonna bring out the feels and it did not disappoint. It looked and felt so real.


I’ll have a full write up after I watch season 3 a second time over this weekend. These are just some quick thoughts of mine.
I absolutely loved the pacing of season 3. It felt like a perfect mix of 1 and 2, where the first was pretty much a movie and the second was very episodic. Season 3 imo had a much more cohesive arc that held each episode together. It still left a lot of room for each episode to shine on its own though.

I also loved how serious topics like death, sex, peer pressure, teen angst, punishment, depression, drinking etc. were handled with such care. I was watching the beginning of episode 4, with my brother, and I was like I’ve seen this opening shot before. Then as soon as Freddie started riding his motorcycle with that look of happiness and acceptance, I was like omg, LAWRENCE OF ARABIA!!! I knew right then and there what was gonna happen. Jenny talking on the phone was the nail in the coffin (as I watched my brother in complete shock and horror). Gosh, there were so many moments this season in which tone (and subsequent shifts of it) was handled incredibly. Episode 4 being the king of them all.

Even though I thought this was the best season, I wasn’t completely behind the last episode. Don’t get me wrong, I loved how everyone’s stories were resolved. I didn’t really like the resolution of the Napalm vs VGHS arc though. I get that Ki manipulated the Barnstormer’s on their vices (thinking that they’re the best) in convincing them to make the Napalm Bowl, and thus bringing their downfall. It just felt a little deus ex ish to me.

I’d love to hear what everyone else thought about this season!