Post Season 3 Discussion (Spoilers)


I was a touch disappointed with the ending for the lack of closure on the secondary characters outside of the main four (Brian, Jenny, Ted, and Ki). However, I thought the open ending for those four was fine.

Jenny did end up like her mom in having a dream to be a professional gamer, but unlike her mom, she knew that competitive gaming came first in her life and she pursued it. Her mom selfishly started a family, then left them to pursue that dream. Jenny is 16 years old and perhaps, she will come back and be with Brian, but I think the writers wanted to really paint high school for what it is. You really love your first girlfriend in high school… then life happens. Maybe they’ll rekindle it after the summer.

Like you, I find BrianD’s skill confusing. Often, Brian is shown as an erratic player, being bad for little to no reason, but always finding temporary sources of inspiration that cause him to save the match at the end almost every time. However, at the end when they fight the Napalm N64 team, they are playing against the championship Napalm team plus professionals from the competitive gaming industry. Brian has little trouble killing these players and makes it to the end of the match, planting the game winning bomb. I would imagine that as he goes through VGHS and his skill progresses further, he will probably be offered a contract as well.

Of course, this then muddles up other things. Why was The Law not offered a contract if he was the best in the world, even appearing on talk shows at the start of the show? His death to Brian, which any gaming scout would see was completely self-caused and not due to skill, was so monumental, it caused Brian to be invited to VGHS. If Shane and Ashley were so good, why weren’t they ever courted to go pro?

I think you have to take this at face value. They can only fit so much into a web series like this. The rest is up to interpretation.

As far as the ending, many endings of successful shows these days aren’t happy ones. I find it cliche’ that the main character always has to die now because it sparks emotions and social discussions. Think about that, at least. They could be together one day. It’s open. At least they didn’t have Napalm hire a hit man and Brian jump in front of the bullet and die for Jenny or something forced and “emotion-provoking” like that.


Well he left VGHS didn’t he? Didn’t his schoolarship run out or was that only if Napalm took over the school?


I completely agree, my heart just breaks abit every time i think that this is the end. THE END. and i will see no more to these characters as of now atleast. And i know they just wanted to say how highschool is and maybe its just me but i just thought that it would end abit differently. That brian atleast would get some kind of recognition aswell? I mean, he returned home so that must mean he didnt continuesly go to VGHS or what? Maybe im just confused, and sad that VGHS is over for now.


My gripe is on THE LAW.
He was badass in S1. Got framed for aimboting and then cleared swearing revenge in S2 but S3 he never got his revenge, Shane should have been his target and the one he should have taken out in the final battle… I felt like he didn’t get the Hero treatment that he deserved. Not entirely sure about the NEW Law, but Kress is awesome! I guess the writers wanted to have some fun with them so guess that was ok… urghk… I sound like a critic… HA!


After the final battle, Calhoun hands Brian a mop and tells him he has a lot of cleaning to do. I believe this is showing that since VGHS will continue with Calhoun at the helm, his and Brian’s previous work-for-tuition agreement is still in effect. Brian still has plenty of time at VGHS to earn his place as a competitive FPS player. I wouldn’t worry about that.


I completely agree. The Law was my favorite and I was hoping for revenge too. Firenzi’s move to London pretty much made them throw his character in the garbage from the looks of it. You’re not alone in your thinking!


Shucks, I didn’t know that… :confused:


I can’t exactly understand what you’re trying to say but based on your last statement:

While it’s set in an alternate version of our own world, VGHS is still set in a society that’s VERY similar to our own. Video games are as popular as college sports however that’s the only key difference. The characters are still teenagers, they go to a high school, they have relationships with other teenagers, they have family problems, etc. etc.

Just because it’s a universe where Video Game culture is somewhat different, doesn’t mean the norms of our society don’t apply to that world. After all, it’s a high school - action/drama show.


He couldn’t get any scholarships to any other video game schools but that was only an issue when VGHS was being shut down by Napalm. In the end he stays at VGHS - The final scene at his home was probably intended to be set during end of year holidays.


i know!!! this is nuts, how can you make a show about people from high school, and not even get to see them graduate???

I absolutely LOVED this season, but I must say, was kind of sad, and still having denial about how Jenny left for Paris. Not really because it marked the end of Brian and Jenny, but it made it real the fact that this show is now over, and even if they do continue this world through their next show 404, I will never get to see these amazing characters ever again… I am so sad… );


you did see at the end that Shane and Ashley’s mom totally shut them in the dog-house, right?


he didn’t leave VGHS. VGHS was gone, a Napalm mega-mart in its stead, and he was too late applying for a scholarship elsewhere, therefor he had to return to normal school after the summer. However when they saved the school he could stay (and help Calhoun clean up).
At least that’s what I got out of it.


He just went home for summer break


So i may be late on getting aboard with everyone else that has watched this webshow but i must say i am absolutely FLOORED by how amazing this show is! I just sat here all day and watched all of season 1, 2, and 3 (including episodes 5, 6 which were not in the playlists on YouTube but i found them any way). PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! Tell me there is more of this show coming! If the show is officially over and never being released again, then please tell me you guys are at least going to be producing a movie or something!

P.S. : please respond to this post ASAP as i would to know whats going on with the future of this show. Thank you for your time, those of you who are reading this.



They are done making VGHS in its current form they are going to create an animated version in a few years but it will be new main characters and such


Well i am very sad to see it go in its current form. Best of luck to the cast, the crew, and the whole entire RocketJump team on there new endeavors. I really hope that this new animated series you speak of will be released as soon as they can as i cannot wait to see what this amazing company comes up with next.

                       GO VGHS!!!!



Hello to the ladies and gentlemen at RocketJump!

I couldn’t best figure out where to put my admiration of VGHS, so I decided here would be the best fit. I started my journey with VGHS a mere four days ago. Yes, it had only taken me 4 very short days to completely fangirl out. I have watched every episode a few times, plus the commentary and the RJ podcasts. Yes, I do have a life. Well, sorta. I did before VGHS came around. I just want to gush about how talented I think everyone is. I haven’t found anything quite like this. I’m not even particularly sure why I have attached to it so much. Could it be the long, grueling days I worked at GameStop? I cannot tell you how many times I wanted to pull a move like the Law and swing an N64 controller at customers. Could it be because I relate to how BrianD always seems to have a rough go at life but keeps going and because I have been in his shoes and know all about the alone time? Could it be Ki and watching her pummel and then figure out a way to pick herself back up? Or, could it be watching Ted go through all kinds of self discovery but always looking for a reason to smile? I’m not entirely sure. It could be any of those reasons or many others. RJ and VGHS has now commandeered a special place in my heart. It may be over, but it is one of the rare things that I will go back and watch again and again.

Thank you RJ for giving me a new obsession!

Ps - If you can, please put school logo patches in the merch shop. I would put that shiz on EVERYTHING!


I didn’t know about the show until it aired on Conan. I watched all three seasons. So sad that the season is over:( . Such a great show. Season 3 was tremendous. The characters really got developed especially with the death of Freddy. So many references to game things like GameStop ripping people off in episode six or the noir one with Ki in episode 2. Calhoun and the law took the spot light for me in this episode. Great action and drifting I. The final episodes.

Really disappointed with the end though. I wish it had a more of a wrap up. I mean the whole show is driven by the Brian/Jenny relationship, they spend so many moments together and when the opportunity comes, all she does is give him a crap goodbye. Not even a text you later or let’s talk later.

Truly a fantastic show with great writing, plot, and character development that is superb. Just wish the ending would have been more smooth. I wish there was more like a video game university or season 4.


After watching the entire VGHS series in a row, I just want to bring this up regarding the actors themselves: You really GREW and IMPROVED a lot from Season to Season.

I mean, in the first one you were all great, each one having a particular flavour (XD) for their respective character. In Season 2 the performances were pretty much the same but in a slightly higher level. Then, Season 3 just hit and BAM, I just felt like watching very profesional series regarding actresses and actors.

So I’ll just say: Congratulations to all of you. Really. As a plus, the ones that impacted me the most were those of Josh, Johanna, Jimmy, Ellary, Brian (Firenzi), Chase, Bryan (Forrest) and Brennan’s characters.

Hope to see you all in other series/movies!


The song that summaries Brian and Jenny’s relationship:

It is sad to find out that the VGHS series has ended, especially since I know that we all wanted more Brenny, Tedi, Law, DK etc.

I think that the ending to VGHS was definitely reasonable (despite wanting more of how each character ended up myself). Brian and Jenny’s relationship is reflective of how a high school first love would shape up. It is often uncommon for a first love/relationship to end up with an everlasting love/relationship. It’s good that Rocketjump have incorporated a degree of realism into this series, showing that sometimes love has to be put on hold for a career or even other practical needs.

How Jenny leaves Brian and how Brian himself smiles after seeing Jenny on TV is testament to how it is often better to let go of our past loves (or even our better past relationships) for the sake of progress. It is good to acknowledge your previous love towards a person, but it is also important not to dwell on it for too long. Sometimes (in this case), it is better to let life run it’s course and if Brian and Jenny end up together in the future, then it is meant to be.

All in all, I want to thank Rocketjump for creating such a kickass series. I’ve been a fan ever since the first episode of the first season and have watched the series almost religiously until now (sad face incoming). The character development (especially Ted and Brenny) has been sublime and I’m definitely looking forward to the next series to come.

For those who have emotionally invested themselves into VGHS (as I have), find some solace in the fact that the actors of Brian and Jenny are actually married IRL and that Brian and Jenny can be together with your imagination :wink: