Post Season 3 Discussion (Spoilers)


If they weren’t together in IRL I would still be mad about it.


I almost cried when ted died in the game definitely my favorite character ted was like the nicest guy they are making a cartoon version in the vghs universe said fred wong in a interview i wonder if anyone from the show will be in it i hope!


So, I’ve been watching Season 3 kind of slowly.
I downloaded all of the episodes on the first day they were available and gathered up the self-control to only watch two of them on that day. Two weeks later and between not having time and not wanting the journey to be over, I still had only watched the first two episodes (not counting Commentary and BTS, which I watched as soon as I saw they were available for the episodes I’d already seen), so I watched episodes 1 through 4 in the early morning hours after midnight and before dawn. Keeping with the trend I’d developed for myself, I’ve waited until today (general release day of the final episode to everyone reading from the FUTURE) to watch the entire season throughout the afternoon/evening.
I enjoyed the season greatly, and am sad that (at least for now) VGHS is over.
Episode 2 ‘Nobody Cool Goes to Prom’ is likely my favorite episode of the season for how it told so many good stories in the time it ran.
Episode 4 would easily be my favorite artistically told story of the series. Everyone in the cast for the episode (Jimmy especially, of course) did a fantastic job.
Aside from The (Original) Law not having as big a part as I wish he’d had, I have no real issues with how this version of the series has ended. Brian Firenzi’s Law is my favorite character in the series and I’d have liked to see more from his character, and though I think Nathan Kress did a fine job as ‘New’ Law, I also wish we could’ve seen more of his skill than those two matches showed, but shiz happens and things don’t always turn out how we’d like.
The N64 Napalm Bowl could’ve showcased all of the side characters’ abilities a little better, but it was a single life, no respawn game against ringers, so I understand that there could only be so many hero moments.

To conclude, I want to thank the cast, crew, and especially the writers for everything they’ve done for this series. It’s been an amazing ride and I’m looking forward to what everyone will be working on next!


Guys, i have loved the series for sooooooooo long, and i adore season 3. Please give us just one more episode which confirms whether Brian and Jenny are still together etc.

That said, please make 5 more seasons. because this is litteraly the best thing i have ever seen.

But i still have some questions about this season finale and the way the last episode put certain things in perspective.

1, Brian and Jenny. Guys, i love them both dearly, and i would have cried longer than 5 hours if i didn’t knew that they are together in real life. But guys, this ending is the complete opposite of everything that characterised Brian and Jenny’s journey and development. Brian learns to love, to trust and to make new friends. right at the first episode it is clear that he is head over heels for Jenny. He gets the girl, and it is suggested that he loses her. Brian’s compassion, efford and personel development seem to be instantly abandoned when Jenny says jes. it isn’t a case of letting Jenny pursue her dreams, but of Brian who ‘‘fails’’ to protect the love of his life. they are pictured as soul mates, so i guess they are destined to stay together. It is strange that the creators ( who i thank for everything they have done, you guys are the best!) allow Brian to let Jenny go.
Jenny on the other hand had an amazing season, i respect her ambition to play with the best of the best. But i would have liked to see that she wouldn’t end up the same way as her mother. In episode 4 and 5 she proves that she cares and wants to more emotionaly involved than her mother. that said, it is curious that Jenny would once again abandon her emotional desires to choose for a similair life as her mother, which she despises in the second and third season. It just doesn’t add up. I would have liked to see that she realises that ‘‘being the best’’ isn’t everything, that she has learned from her mother’s mistakes and that she would choose a different path than the one that is expected from her. Like many of you, i was ready to get the’’ happily ever after ‘’feels, But it just wasn’t meant to be that way. If they would end up together, this would have been the best fairy tale of all time.

So RJ, Please hear our prayers and bless us with one more episode, season (s) that make clear why things went the way they went. I love the show, but i would have never hoped it would end this way.

2, ‘‘Video game home school’’, is Brian still a student? because he argues that his scholarship ends at the end of the year. I like to think that the last scene was just a moment of their summer holiday, but i can’t really define if this is the case, or that Brian also chooses to let VGHS go.

3, other things:

  • I would have liked to see moriarty and dean, or jumpin jax and rapwnzel to get together

  • A season between season 2 and 3 would have seemed more natural, because the tone of the series has rappidly evolved between season 2 and 3. In season 2 everything was nice, happy and ideal. While in season 3 there is more swearing, sex related jokes, heavy conversations and multi layered context. Don’t get me wrong, i loved this mature look and feel, but the first three episodes i was like ‘’ well, that escalated quickly’’

  • Massive thanks to the crew for making VGHS, which inspires my creativity, made me pursue my dreams and inspire me every single day to be a better person. So a massive thanks Rocketjump, this is a show that i would watch with my grandkids over and over again to just hope that they get as inspired as i am ( i’m 19, but future planning is relevant ;))

  • Guys, please a huge thank you to the cast and crew. But to Josh Blaylock especially. For me personally: He showed that nothing is impossible, we should never give up and that we can make our dreams come true. so Josh, thank you for your amazing acting. It was a character which i could identify myself with and inspired me to be a better person. I wish Johanna and you all the best, don’t stop acting. Never forget VGHS and please keep in mind that your acting changed at least one life. And that this one life is incredibly grateful for all the inspiration it gained. Thank you!

P’s, Law’s fingers recoverd really fast.

Shame to see VGHS end

VGHS 3 season … It was great, I revisited it a hundred times. Season 3 just cut down on the felling when Brian while playing learned that Jenny is leaving, on the one hand like that would have won it for her, and said, “I’m sorry, I really love you, but do not want to interfere with your dreams” and on the other I Brian knew this because his love, and he does not want to let go of her. In any case, the end of liked, though not completed. Season 4? Yes, many want it, and I am no exception, but I loved this series, the world of high school, I’m afraid that a continuation of this can ruin a great story. But I believe in and RocketJump sure if they will do it, then do not fail.
What about multiseriala or retake with the other actors, I do not like this idea. After all, I lyubilsya in these actors, it is in this world, and all who were there. And I would not like osoznovat that their place has become someone else.


I really liked this show. The ending kinda left you hanging as to what happen between jenny and Brian. However, I was glad to Brian, ki, and ted were still friends. I really wish the show went on longer tho. Cheers to Brian and Jenny being married irl


Keyword they said they it was the last season for vghs and in the fund series on youtube he says in one of his videos just because its the last of vghs doesant mean its over yet im super exited to see what that means and you guys can argue it out on here


Hey Reese there has been plenty disscussions about this on the forum if you look around i’m sure you’ll find them! :smile:


They have said that they are doing an animated series and that’s all we’ve heard as of yet. Their next big projects i beleive are Dimension 404, a sort of “Twilight Zone for the modern era”, their new Hulu show, This Week At Rocketjump and of course the brilliant RJFS coming out soon. Don’t be holding your breath for more VGHS just yet, but get pumped for the new stuff. It’s kind of like when you go out to buy bread and milk and come home with Vegemite and cornflakes.


I Just love vghs so much and i want to see it again 1 day


the future of rocketjump and VGHS has been talked about a lot in the past; check out


Ps. seeing it again one day won’t be so hard as all episodes are on youtube, free to watch. It’s seeing more that’s gonna need a little patience :wink:


Jenny is leaving for just the summer?? How do you know that??


That part was just super funny the part when he says “i’ll put your teeth in new laws mouth so the police can Identify both your bodies It will be the perfect murder”.


The best show for a real life gamer world with all of the vital elements for a proper dialogue.
It is by far my most my favorite adventures I have stepped into yet, ‘Keep it up Rocket Jump’


Law’s character annoyed me the most. Not because he was a jerk, but because he stayed a jerk. The character was one-dimensional and devoid of development. I understand in season one, and partially in two because you need an antagonist, but the writers had multiple opportunities to redeem the character afterwards and didn’t. Games and Jacks got to enjoy redemption, and they were nowhere near as dynamic. If they continue with a movie or another season, I DEMAND REDEMPTION OF THE LAW.


Aww you don’t think the Law was redeemed? Not even during his epic love story with Rebecca Barbara during season 2? Or his rivalry turned friendship with the Law 2.0 in season 3? I don’t think his redemption necessitated him not being a jerk… Some people are jerks. He started season 1 as a self-centered, super-mean-spirited jerk, and ended season 3 as a self-centered, markedly-less-mean jerk. I think his character progressed a lot, but in a very realistic, comfortingly predictable way.


Yes, thank you. I thought I was the only one upset with how they left Brian D and Jenny’s relationship. They could have at least added in the talk and had him go with her or her tell them that the only way she would go is if they made a spot for Brian. But nevertheless the finale was good with the exception of how they left Brian D and Jenny


Well I’d have to disagree, any other way would have made very little sense within the narative. And they could never have made a spot on there for brian since jenny herself almost didn’t make it into the panthers second strength. There was nothing for her to bargain with.
It is of course very upsetting to see such a great couple being driven away from each other by the course of life. But that is often the way first loves rule out. It is not fun, but it makes sense.


I see what you mean but it’s not a reality series so I just think that they should have played it to where they ended up together, whether she chose him over the Panthers or where they meet up later down the road and rekindle the flames of their love.


Sorry to revive an old topic (and a lot of what I am about discuss has already been written) but I created an account just to post.

I watched the entire series in one weekend and was completely blown away by something like this existing from kickstarter; the series is phenomenal. I cannot wait to see if there is a season 4(+) but would lose attention if it was animated; especially as Freddie has confirmed that it wouldn’t involve the 4 friends.

Sticking to season 3:
It attempted to wrap up any final loose ends from 1+2 - why were the barnstormers a******s? What happens to Brian and Jenny/Ki and Ted? Would VGHS win the league? it was a great conclusion, but as with everything, there could be improvements. I felt unsatisfied with the finale given how gripping and fantastic the rest of the show was. The budget/time/actor profiles will have made it hard to cram in the things that I/we wanted to see, but never the less:

  1. It answered questions with further questions, and although some people will be gripped by the “left to your imagination” ending, I felt it was a bit empty. 6 episodes in a season aren’t enough to cover everything that everyone wants, but there was still no big ‘emotional ending’ given that the main relationship ended abruptly. It felt too hurried and I personally would have liked an ‘in the future’ afterwards.
  2. The fake laugh robot in episode 4 was annoying as hell
  3. The final battle was mixed; some characters shone and others were just there because the episode needed filling (DK/Law), saying that, I am content with how the 32 vs 32 played out.

It is/was one of the best series that I have seen in quite a while, and for someone who has seen most series on Netflix, that is an accomplishment. If Season 4 is made with completely different characters but in the same universe, I would like to see some reference to Jenny/Brian/Ted/Ki and how they have progressed, sort of like how Brian saw Jenny on the TV. If there is another kickstarter campaign, I would happily help fund it.