Post Season 3 Discussion (Spoilers)


Season 3, Episode 4 really struck home for me. It was so radically different than any other VGHS episode. They really took away the Sky High feel and I liked it, but what motivated the writers for such a big risk?


The episode really pulled on the heart strings. It had a really good plot and I really enjoyed it, the laughing robot just took away some of the dramatic effects and abstracted from situation clarity; albeit that the robot was eventually turned off. On the other hand, it underlined Ki’s state of mind; Ki said that the robot was made to lighten the mood and it did just that.

I feel we didn’t see much of Freddie, but Freddie’s attitude towards Ted and the pressure put onto Ted explains a lot about his emotional mask. It was a relationship forming episode, both between the characters, and the audience and the characters.


Well, the season was maybe made of only six episodes, but they were the longer we ever had.
I thought the laugh robot was funny, and I liked how by moments the season imitated sitcoms and film noir.

And about “Season 4” well, it’s sure that it’ll be animated. New characters, new game (It’ll focus on MOBA players if I’m right), and we might have some cameos of previous characters. I don’t think it’ll be Brian or Jenny, but we’ll see.


I strongly doubt they would make another season about Brian, Jenny or any of the others, but it would be nice to make a reference to what happened with those few after the season 3 finale. Personally, I wouldn’t have watched the series if it was animated. As for length, the episodes did get longer but fewer = fewer but with more in-depths plots.


Yeah, they won’t make a new season about the characters from the original show, their story is over. The animated show is still writen by Will Campos so you definitely should give it a try when it’s broadcasted.


Although, one can argue that the presence of the bot says a lot about Ki’s character. It was out of place, and inappropriate at times, but, that’s exactly what its job was. To keep that element of not taking things seriously, that everyone at VGHS seems to have.


VGHS: Knights of the Realm is basically going to do exactly this! It’s a new cast, but there’s just enough connective glue to let you know how it relates to the original series. I’ll say no more. :stuck_out_tongue:


Was this series like Harry Potter? I’m Brazilian and I really liked it, I’m here looking for answers, and I think it should continue! A series n should stop without saying goodbye, end of the 3 was very boua but n pleased everyone! :frowning:


No season 4, but an animated series is on development.

More here:


Hey its releay late! i dont care now in 2017 is vghs realey famous and evry won want seasen4 beucaes The open end betwin Brian ans jenny!! i have See The vghs serie more thane 300 time on this moment and AIM 15